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A Slacker's Quickie

Hi guys!

I realize it's been awhile since I've been actively blogging (Two whole years!). Well, work has been crazy and it was a lot easier to blog more frequently in uni... I have a lot of updates and catching up to do, drama-wise and maybe a concert update so watch this space! Follow me on Twitter for Kpop/Kdrama/Jdorama stuff @dramagambit.

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Screenshot of the Day: Doo Joon (BEAST)

BEAST - GOOD LUCK (Comeback Stage on Music Core)
Click for the GIF (low quality)

My 2013 in Brief :)

(Note: Found this tidbit in my drafts that I was supposed to post agesss ago but procrastination set in. Posting it now before it gets lost in drafts for good.)

Let's see, it's the first time I'm doing a post like this and I'll see how it goes. What do I consider the highlight of my year?

1) Made a new friend from Singapore. (Nice start to the year.)
2) Dived at Pulau Tenggol. Also got chased by a NASTY triggerfish for the first time. Lovely dive sites though and peaceful island.
3) Visited 2 aquariums: UMS Aquarium (a bit boring) and S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore, which was the most crowded place ever on a Saturday! 
4) Went to the Malaysian Dive Expo at PWTC, KL. (Again.)
5) Celebrated my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. Silver anniversary, can I get a whoop whoop?!
6) Got bangs (again). It was an addiction.

7) Went to Otafuse 2013. Charming little convention.
8) Celebrated my 25th birthday. A quarter of a century! Ho yeah.
9) Lost a dog. Found him, then lost hi…

First Post in 2014: A Quickie!

Wowie! Five months just flew by and I didn't realize how much I've been procrastinating. Well, a lot of things kept me busy this year, from terrible Internet lines (which we realized later was due to a faulty modem), expired anti-virus, lost a dear furry little friend I will never forget (Mimi is in kitty heaven) and a disastrous unavoidable incident at work that kept me busy for a couple of months. Not even enough time to watch dramas and read books as much I used to. The only kdrama I've been into this year so far is Bride of Century! I would love to do a lovely proper review on it but for those who haven't heard of it, google it, stream it, and enjoy! It might not be up your alley, heck, it sure wasn't up mine at first but the zaniness that wasn't too over the top and the sparkling chemistry won me over!
Through all the mess that I've been through this year, at least I didn't spend it alone. I'm grateful to have family and friends that care abou…

2nd One OK Rock Concert in Singapore!

This post is a little bit late in the making, but as they say, better late than never? Though I'm sure a post fresh after the concert would have made me remember all the details better but I will do my best to remember all the nitty gritty details!

When I found out that One Ok Rock was coming to Malaysia as part of their Asia Tour I was over the moon! But work schedules clashed so I ended up going to the Singapore concert instead but I have absolutely ZERO REGRETS. Despite being considerably more expensive, it was an experience well worth it because I got to MEET the boys after the concert! How I achieved this Holy Grail of fandom, you may ask? I was one of LAMC Productions' (one of the event organizers) 10 winners of the One Ok Rock Meet & Greet competition on Instagram! The day I found out I won, I was in a bank, so I had to stifle my excitement but inside, I was doing cartwheels of joy! Anyway, I had to register and pick up the Meet & Greet passes at the concert ve…

1st Teaser Trailer For Rurouni Kenshin's Sequel Is Out!

When I heard the news, I could barely contain myself with glee! Next summer, the wildly popular franchise (of the anime Samurai X fame), is coming out with not one, but TWO movie sequels! The first movie was what got me obsessed with J-rock band, One OK Rock in the first place, you should really listen to The Beginning if you haven't already.

The two films are tentatively named Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire Arc and Rurouni Kenshin: The End of a Legend Arc. A 30-second teaser trailer has been released and you can watch it below!

New cast additions include Tatsuya Fujiwara (Death Note, Battle Royale) as the resident baddie, Makoto Shishio, and my, does he look badass in the stills. The other cast additions I'm not too familiar with their previous work but the casting of Misao and Aoshi look pretty acceptable to me. They were two of my favorite characters in the anime and I'm so glad they didn't butcher the casting as they did with Sanosuke! Honestly.

Two movies …

Back to Basics

My, my, haven't I been a neglectful blogger this year? And one of my New Year's resolutions was to blog more but unfortunately, real life got in the way and it was all I could do to keep up with my other various social networks (drama-watching, sadly, has taken a back seat during this time). But don't fret, I've been keeping myself up-to-date thanks to the hard work of drama bloggers out there (may the drama gods be ever in your favor)! In the past few months, I've been moving house, catching up with friends, working, taking some time to see the sights of Singapore (more on that later) and spending a lot of time with family! It's been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs this year and I'm so glad I wasn't alone through it all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers, family and friends and let this season serve as a reminder of why we do what we do, then reflect but not waste time regretting too much. There's much to improve on for m…

Block B's new MV is more than Very Good!

One of my favorite bands towards the end of last year is back with a bang! New hairstyles, more rap and crazy dancing - that's Block B! 
Actually I watched their previous MV on the mini album before this. Be The Light was just okay, nothing to sniff at, generic yakuza scenes which is reminiscent of their debut MV. In fact I preferred One Ok Rock's song with the same title. (Just had to make that comparison, can't help it!)

But Very Good does not disappoint! Freaked me out a little thought with the clown masks! Northampton clown reference? And Zico licking his skull scepter might be a Miley reference? Anyway, missed these guys, hope the stage performances are every bit as awesome! 

Crayon Pop's Addictive Beatz!

As baffled as I was by Crayon Pop's skyrocketing popularity in South Korea after watching one performance video of theirs on stage, I must admit that this dance cover by some of the uniformed bodies of South Korea's most courageous was hilarious! The campy dance moves to the incessant "Bar, bar, bar~" lyrics just took the cake for me and hit a home run with it.

I dare you to watch this without smiling! 

Haruma Miura & Sato Takeru at SWV, Mabul in Sabah!

So apparently HARUMA-freaking-MIURA (Bloody Monday, Koizora) and SATO TAKERU (Beck, Rurouni Kenshin) was at Sipadan Water Village, Mabul in Sabah to promote a Japanese tour agency or something. Before anyone's ovaries explode, this was back in April 2011, 2 years ago. Now I wish I went to Mabul a whole year earlier, but I was doing my big climb up in Mount Kinabalu around that time.

So I just have these pictures to tide me over. I'm hoping that if they ever do come back again, it will be on Sabah's West Coast this time. Preferably Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. *prays to drama gods*

Mabul is a gorgeous place to snorkel and dive but some of the backpackers need to manage their wastewater and drainage systems better. I wished I could dive some more at Sipadan while I was there. Only did one day's worth of dives, not nearly enough! And my heart broke a little when I left, it was just that beautiful.
Photo credit: Akira

September Quickie

September already! Seems like I've been busy/asleep/a walking zombie these past 2 months after I finished watching Game of Thrones. On the TV side of things, I've picked up the sitcoms Men At Work, Big Bang Theory (yes, I've fallen into the Sheldon trap!) and 2 Broke Girls. All of them have strong friendship themes, not so dissimilar from Japanese slice-of-life dramas. Though nothing is quite like American humor. With New Girl season 3 starting this week I'll be sinking my teeth into more yummy goodness!

As for the drama front, I haven't been watching any new ones since Dramacrazy went down. (Dramafever sucks.) Though I have been keeping up with recaps for The Master's Sun, Who Are You and Good Doctor. (BTW, what is with all the ghost-themed dramas? I have a hard enough time sleeping after reading a recap, much less watching it.) Dating Agency: Cyrano was the last drama I finished, which was so-so but had really lovable characters. I am still in the middle of w…