Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bad News

My mum called me earlier when I was sleeping. Apparently an uncle died and while I think it's nice she thinks I should know, sometimes I feel she has a morbid delight in telling me the details when people die. It's like she's pleased that they conked out. I will never understand this woman.

My uncle, R.S. died in Singapore following complications during an angioplasty procedure. His funeral will be later in KL. When a death happens to that family, it hits them really hard because my grandfather's side is rather expansive, theirs is much smaller with my grandfather's brother only having 3 kids and and an adopted auntie. Aunty E.'s lots of fun, she's married and divorced enough to fill one hand, nicknamed 'The Black Widow'. But now she's happily married to this really wonderful Uncle H. who I've always thought was really nice and adopted a son.

Anyway, I don't know why I'm jabbering on about this family, but they're always so interesting and really nice people, my side of the family is more homey and down-to-earth and I love that about both sides. It's a real pity this happened, he just turned 50 this year. There was a really big bash in January (which I couldn't attend coz I'm stuck here.) where all sorts of important family friends and bigwigs attended. It's the type of bash where girls can wear gowns! Anyway, that's besides the point, I will always remember him as a round jolly uncle, the life of a party! :-)

P.S. Off-topic but I found out that if I googled my favorite nick, 'vrosemarie', I can track my Internet progress since a few years ago! Mostly from comments at Korean entertainment websites... It's alarming coz I didn't know I'd left such an obvious trail.(-.-')

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