Wednesday, April 15, 2009

*trumpets* Vanessa's Resurrected Her Blog!

Hey there to the non-existent readers of my blog!

Anyway, this post is just to commemorate my very first post on my new (back from the dead) blog! Yay! I realized that I had a blog lying around since 2004 when I tried to get this domain name and it was taken... And when I finally figured out my password and attached it to my Google account, I realized what a god-awful little high school brat I was back then looking at my old posts. I was pretty emo and pessimistic on life and I vented a lot on that blog. Nobody reads it, I know, and my reader's comments were all full of spam! Anyway, I revived this blog to celebrate who I've become today, a much happier and confident person, I'm so glad those dark teenage years are over! :-)

My interests are completely different now than from way back when so I decided to revamp the whole thing and get rid of everything. I think I'm going to refrain from commenting on other people's blogs to keep this blog private for the meantime, while I try to get things going. It's in the middle of my exams now, alas, and I can't write much but I will definitely get things going when it's over! So much is happening now, I'm finishing my 2nd year in a marine-related course (won't divulge anything further because I'm embarassed of my course. Sad but true.) and my internship will commence on the 27th of April, I'm looking forward to it and hoping for the best! It's going to be at a government-owned research centre and I'm interested in learning new things, my holidays are always ever so boring, because I feel like I'm wasting away my youth at home. My friends call me up sometimes to go clubbing but I'm not that kind of girl. Do you, my non-existent reader, think I should go out and party more?

(A little voice in me says I should be more sociable. My father would thank the high heavens should I ever become 'popular' or a social butterfly. I can never work out what my mum will think. It's really hard to read her even though I'm her own daughter...*sigh*)

Till next time, (aww shucks)
Vanessa &hearts

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