Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Updates!!!! On my hols.... ^_^

I'm on my second week of internship and so far, it's been awesome... I don't actually earn money at all but it's just for two months anyway... The people around here have been just so funny at the Likas Fisheries Research Center even though I'm totally pooped out after I reach home... My supervisor there's Helena who's a really wonderful lady, so good at explaining things in the most easiest way possible to understand... :-) Today was the wrap-up of a two-day long course on techniques of extracting and analysing DNA through electrophoresis which was very educational for DNA noobs such as me. Anyway, here's to another week of fun! I'm enjoying myself hugely! I didn't realise how much i needed a change of environment from quaint little Terengganu.

I also went to a conference thingy which was all about investments in the Walton agency where my mum works at... Food was awesome as always at Pan-Pacific (Pan-Pac to us Sabahans). My sister and I got dragged along and I was relieved that it was short because the mere mention of numbers is enough to make my eyes glaze over. Later we got dragged by my dad this time, to go drinking at KYC which was rather fun, we met this cool auntie called Hafizah who is rather put off by the word 'auntie' and a 'celebrity' called DJ Dev(?) who was quite big in the 70s apparently. HAHA.

Anyway, I decided to put up a random music file every now and then to spice up my rather sparse blog for my amusement. About my work, I gotta make this post a short and sweet one because I have to wake up early tommorow... (I think it's true that Sabahans like to crack jokes, I heard from a lecturer that us Sabahans like to fool around and we have an endless sense of humour... After coming back, yes, I think it's true!!! Terengganu ppl really have to learn how to loosen up a bit...)

Hehe. Just because I can. :)
Toodles! &hearts

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