Monday, June 29, 2009

Rainy Blues and Tunes

It's raining. Uh-huh. And you know what that means? It means I'm sitting at home, bored out of my mind but I refuse to step out in this weather. Just not a running-in-the-rain-crazy person. I just found out a friend, let's call her F, is going to Germany! It sounds like good news for her and I wish her all the best. Now that my fourth semester is done and over, I have to start shifting my focus onto more important matters. Like my final year project, my internship report, new lecture schedules, the lecturers themselves and other things I don't feel like going into much deeper for fear I may disappear into the abyss of never-ending responsibilities. Bummer.

Anyhoo, today I'm going to blog about a band that isn't exactly new but still fairly new, upcoming Malaysian rockstars, BUNKFACE! They've got a lot of haters, probably disgruntled university mates but what's wrong with acting like a rockstar? As the saying goes, if you want to be treated like a queen, act like one and the same goes for rockstars. Anyway, antis and fans have something in common, both of them NOTICE you. Lol. Anyway, here's the link to their facebook group:

Bunkface's official Facebook group

And here's a video of their song, Situasi (it's just audio btw), a current hit on Malaysian airwaves. Their song Silly Lily was impressive too, it actually sounded decent. (Malaysian music scene: Tsk, tsk.) Support Malaysian artistes, people!

Biography taken from their Myspace page:

'What started as casual jamming sessions among four secondary school friends ended up in the formation a band, Bunkface. Three years on and they're now widely known as a rising star in the local music scene. Although the band was formed in 2005, it was only in late 2006 when they caught the attention of the public through their participation in the hit TV show Blastoff. The year 2006 proved to be an exciting one for Bunkface. One of the highlights of their experience as fresh young musicians happened in March 2006 when Bunkface won first place for the Battle of the Bands competition in UNISEL organized by ROTTW. Winning the competition opened a door for Bunkface to be featured in a magazine for the very first time. Another sweet success came later that year when Bunkface snatched first place for the Battle of the Bands competition in Universiti Malaya. With that accomplishment, approached Bunkface and offered to sponsor a video clip for the song Hyper Killer. After garnering a truckload of new experiences, Bunkface began writing more and more new songs. In December 2007, Bunkface released their first EP titled “Lesson of the Season” featuring 6 English tracks with a taste of pop-punk and alternative rock. Fast forward to the present, Bunkface have been featured in ROTTW and interviewed on air numerous times on XFresh FM and Fly FM. They were also interviewed and featured on Era Sentral and The Wknd Sessions. Their first hit song Silly Lily was number 1 on’s Malaysian Top Ten for 8 weeks and number 1 on’s Campur Chart for 10 weeks. Bunkface’s current hit and first Malay single Situasi has stormed to number 1 on XFresh FM and steadily stayed at number 3 on Era FM for 3 weeks. The band has performed at high school proms, charity events, product launchings, dinner galas, and gigs covering venues all around the Klang Valley, Malacca, Perak, Penang, Johor, Sarawak and Singapore. Bunkface was the opening band for Fly FM 3rd Anniversary showcase, and their very first large scale gig proved to be a success. It is no wonder that their catchy tunes coupled with their addictively energetic and fun filled performances have captured the attention of the masses and event organizers alike!'

Bunkface at the Rockaway Concert 2009:

I just wanted to let people know what an extraordinarily talented band this is, hope they'll churn out more good stuff for a few more years because Malaysia really needs talent like this! :) They join the ranks in my personal local favorites such as Estrella, Yuna, Zee Avi, Kinabalu Kings, Double Take, Jason Lo and many more... Hope to see them perform live someday!

Toodles! &hearts

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Internship's over! It's been over for almost a week but I'm such a slob and a procrastinator so I rarely update. Oh dear, June's almost over and all I've got to show for it is one slimy post? I better remedy that immediately. Guess what? I went to the cinema yesterday and watched...

Went with Sara-dahling and her friend Kimberly, who's pretty awesome by the way. Transformers 2 was a lot less dull than the 1st movie. I could tell this sort of movie wasn't going to test my brain cells so I just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. The characters were seriously bordering on the absurd with a crazy fratboy blogger manic, a secret-spy-wannabe/butcher, a horny midget decepticon, an old rusty decepticon in need of a crutch, the delicious Josh Duhamel soldier-boy, this movie doesn't run out of gags and action. Thankfully, it was a lot easier on the ears than, say, Terminator Salvation which nearly blew out my eardrums. Anyway, watch it if you're looking for pure entertainment, enough skin here for guys and the robots are sexy enough to rape(a friend's words, not mine).

Saw quite a few people that day, school friends, internship friends, Sara's friends, let's just say that KK is very small. I've got two books to finish up before I up and leave for Terengganu, the stress is going to get to me. Sometimes I think I have a penchant for making friends and throwing them away, I never keep them close anymore (except maybe a few). Bad experiences if you know what I mean. Anyway, I'll just leave all those behind and pick up the good ones and enjoy the days as they come. Sabah Boleh! :)

PS: I'm lovin' some of Lily Allen's new songs like Not Fair and as dead stupid as her video is, I can't help but be mesmerized by it. Ah, I'm losing my mind. Thank you, Lily Allen. I also like The Fear and F*** You. Notable mentions: Zee Avi's debut album (She's Malaysian, support her!) and the soundtrack to the 2007 movie Across the Universe (Awesome. I. LOVE.)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Across The Universe (2007)

I recently caught this movie on my local cable which was pretty awesome. The only reason I didn't catch it previously is because I heard it was weird and I wasn't a Beatles fan. But since then I've discovered the joys of listening to old music or more accurately remade songs... Anyways, the movie was on the whole charming with the awesome vocal talents of Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood, Joe Anderson, Dana Fuchs, T.V. Carpio and the spectacular back-up singers in the cast. My sisters and I love Joe Anderson best as Maxwell! Cute and has a rougher voice than Jim Sturgess (who knew he could sing). Watch him in this video as he sing one of my favorite scenes in Across the Universe!

I love this movie, though the whole LSD haze in the middle of the movie threatened to make me lose my sanity but thankfully the movie improved later on. Now I'm hopelessly in love with Joe Anderson's version of Hey Jude. I'll try to get a copy of this movie somewhere! Most definitely!

This picture above manages to capture the relationships nicely - Jude and Lucy as the main lovelorn couple, Sadie and Jojo as the turbulent couple, Prudence with her lesbian tendencies and Maxwell (MINE!). It's from a scene where they've been stranded after being high on LSD. Truth be told, the drug hazes are my least favorite scenes.

Rating: **** (Must watch! I'm a sucker for musicals.)