Saturday, June 20, 2009

Across The Universe (2007)

I recently caught this movie on my local cable which was pretty awesome. The only reason I didn't catch it previously is because I heard it was weird and I wasn't a Beatles fan. But since then I've discovered the joys of listening to old music or more accurately remade songs... Anyways, the movie was on the whole charming with the awesome vocal talents of Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood, Joe Anderson, Dana Fuchs, T.V. Carpio and the spectacular back-up singers in the cast. My sisters and I love Joe Anderson best as Maxwell! Cute and has a rougher voice than Jim Sturgess (who knew he could sing). Watch him in this video as he sing one of my favorite scenes in Across the Universe!

I love this movie, though the whole LSD haze in the middle of the movie threatened to make me lose my sanity but thankfully the movie improved later on. Now I'm hopelessly in love with Joe Anderson's version of Hey Jude. I'll try to get a copy of this movie somewhere! Most definitely!

This picture above manages to capture the relationships nicely - Jude and Lucy as the main lovelorn couple, Sadie and Jojo as the turbulent couple, Prudence with her lesbian tendencies and Maxwell (MINE!). It's from a scene where they've been stranded after being high on LSD. Truth be told, the drug hazes are my least favorite scenes.

Rating: **** (Must watch! I'm a sucker for musicals.)

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