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What My Sis Calls a 'Quickie'

I do realize that my title has nothing much to do with my post today but...

I just had a brilliant start to the day, by messing up the simple sentence "My birthday is on the 30th of August" in Japanese 2 class today to my utter humiliation. I mean, who messes up their own birthday? So I'm rusty. Like REALLY RUSTY. I took Japanese 1 in SEMESTER 2. (I'm in Semester 5 now.)Anyway, all these young whippersnappers are looking up at me with 'what the heck is wrong with her' written all over their faces.... (And sensei's aghast expression! Unfogettable. If I wasn't freezing so much in that Bilik-something Ilmu, I'd have turned scarlet.)

Now that I think about it's kind of silly and probably wouldn't have happened if I had finished my homework in the first place. (Or maybe I am over-estimating my abilities? -_-')

Anyway, I have a cart-load of stuff to do before the weekend where I have to go to Chemerlong Waterfall for a club thing... *stressed o…

Of Role Models and Real Life...

My friend told me her dog just died. I know how that feels... And some human said dogs have no souls. Yeah, right... I mean, there's that animated movie called 'All Dogs Go To Heaven' so I don't believe one word of it (there's even a sequel!). Inhuman. Anyway, my heart and thoughts go out to her today...

On a slightly cheerier note, I couldn't help myself and bought a new watch today... And sandals! My shopaholic urges couldn't contain themselves today... Must. Save. For. Rainy. Day. Though it's not like I regret it... ^_^ (But so much for buying anything else for the rest of the month.)

Anyway, I finished another really cute and hilarious movie called Role Models! It started of a bit boring though but the movie really picks up later on and you'll start adoring all the annoying characters and the plain goofiness (I miss your whispering eye! >_<). One character I loved seeing was Ken Jeong aka Dr Ken, who's an actor/comedian/physician!! He is…

A Day Less Hotter Than The Rest

My assignments have been pretty heavy this semester... I'm close to pulling my hair out but watching movies and dramas in my free time de-stresses me...(but it eats up a lot of my free time...) Anyway, I really enjoyed the unexpected hit of the year, The Hangover (2009) and the hilarious teen comedy/cheerleading movie/parody Fired up (2009)! Both were equally awesome in their very different but hilarious kind of guy humor.

City Hall [SBS]

I can't decide what Korean drama to watch this semester. I'm stuck between 2 choices, either City Hall starring Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won or Brilliant Legacy with Lee Seung Gi. Both sound interesting but I've been partial to Kim Sun Ah ever since I watched My Name is Kim Sam Soon back in 2005. (I'm a real drama freak.) I haven't heard anything good about any recent Jdoramas and I haven't the time these days and the last one I watched was Team Medical Dragon 2 (awesome stuff btw).

Brilliant Legacy [SBS]

Anyway, I'm going…

All in a Day's Work

Random Pic of the Day:

My little ol' plant that I try to keep alive...

I have all these ideas for posts only I don't really feel like writing them up at the moment. I've kind of reached the point in my life where I'm questioning my path in life (well it's a no-brainer that I got 'chosen' for this course)... However, I've come to know the sea a lot of better and I'm less scared of it, which is a relief. It's like what they say, you're only scared of what you don't know. I'd have loved to pursue other subjects such as journalism and literature but I do realize that I can still do these in my free time, with or without a degree.

My subjects this semester are a little bit more lax than last semester, thank goodness, but I have my FYP to finish up. Tomorrow's a holiday, so I'll be spending it finishing assigments and reports. I've been feeling a little depressed today, as my CGPA has been pretty disappointing. I think I&…

Bits of My Internship in KK

What I'm listening to on a loop today:
Blink 182 - Always
Lily Allen - 22
2NE1 - I Don't Care
Fujii Takashi - Oh My Juliet
Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone

(Yes, I do realize I'm still not over that crazy Japanese number.)

Anyway, I realized that I didn't blog much about my internship at Babagon, Penampang and Tanjung Badak, Tuaran. Well, my internship ended about a month ago but I'll always have fond memories of it because it was truly enjoyable learning experience. (It kinda makes me want to hop on the career bandwagon, but you and I both know that there's plenty of time to slave away in the future.) Anyway, if there are any Sabahans (doing Aquatic Sciences or even Biotechnology) planning to do their internship at home, then I strongly recommend the Likas Fisheries Research Center in Kota Kinabalu! The people there are quite nice and helpful, you get to experience working in different labs such as the:-

1. Biotechnology Lab
2. Red Tide Lab
3. LCMSMS lab
4. PCR Lab
5. Food …

Oh My Juliet!

It's the middle of the night and I just don't have the time to write a full length entry tonight so I'll just share this really cute video I found browsing through Youtube today. It's sung by a comedian/actor/singer named Fujii Takashi, whose existence I can assure you, I was not aware of beforehand. But the song is surprisingly catchy and I can't get it out of my head... (Warning!) But then again not everyone seems to have my goofball taste in music so this might not appeal to some. But I strongly urge you to listen to it! Apparently it was on the soundtrack of the award-winning movie Babel. Watch the video below!

Fujii Takashi - OH MY JULIET (Eng subs)

Since I found the song rather tricky to find (Thanks to the multitude of L.MC files), here's a mediafire link, for those who, like me, have unfortunately gotten hooked to this crazy song!^^
Fujii Takashi - Oh My Juliet

Over and out...

Chuck vs the Eels

Yay! My first post in July! I didn't realize I was so behind in posting on my blog... Anyway, I've been really into Chuck recently, and no, he is not Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl but the cute little spy/geek comedy 'Chuck'. I'm still watching Season 1, it's awesome, I watched it on TV before this on Astro's AXN channel but since I'm mostly away at uni, I rarely get to catch an episode... But that's before my dear friend offered to give me 2 whole seasons! I love you, Audrey! Anyway, it's been pretty easy watching and my classes haven't really started yet so I'm pretty free at the moment.

Anyway, if you haven't started watching Chuck, you should! I love the dorkiness of the Buy More gang aka Nerd Herd (a tech store's employees), his sister and her beau, Captain Awesome, and not least, the svelte Agent Sara Walker and the grumpy Colonel John Casey. Gawd, I love this show. Anyway, check out this scene from the episode 'Chuck vs. …