Thursday, July 09, 2009

Chuck vs the Eels

Yay! My first post in July! I didn't realize I was so behind in posting on my blog... Anyway, I've been really into Chuck recently, and no, he is not Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl but the cute little spy/geek comedy 'Chuck'. I'm still watching Season 1, it's awesome, I watched it on TV before this on Astro's AXN channel but since I'm mostly away at uni, I rarely get to catch an episode... But that's before my dear friend offered to give me 2 whole seasons! I love you, Audrey! Anyway, it's been pretty easy watching and my classes haven't really started yet so I'm pretty free at the moment.

Anyway, if you haven't started watching Chuck, you should! I love the dorkiness of the Buy More gang aka Nerd Herd (a tech store's employees), his sister and her beau, Captain Awesome, and not least, the svelte Agent Sara Walker and the grumpy Colonel John Casey. Gawd, I love this show. Anyway, check out this scene from the episode 'Chuck vs. the Truth' featuring the song Fresh Feeling by the Eels (which is currently on my repeat playlist!&hearts). (Sorry, this is the best video I could find of this scene...)

PS: It's been renewed for a 3rd season! I have something else besides Gossip Girl to look forward to... JOY! :)

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