Sunday, July 19, 2009

All in a Day's Work

Random Pic of the Day:

My little ol' plant that I try to keep alive...

I have all these ideas for posts only I don't really feel like writing them up at the moment. I've kind of reached the point in my life where I'm questioning my path in life (well it's a no-brainer that I got 'chosen' for this course)... However, I've come to know the sea a lot of better and I'm less scared of it, which is a relief. It's like what they say, you're only scared of what you don't know. I'd have loved to pursue other subjects such as journalism and literature but I do realize that I can still do these in my free time, with or without a degree.

My subjects this semester are a little bit more lax than last semester, thank goodness, but I have my FYP to finish up. Tomorrow's a holiday, so I'll be spending it finishing assigments and reports. I've been feeling a little depressed today, as my CGPA has been pretty disappointing. I think I've been making so much excuses for myself, that I've decided to quit complaining and throw myself to my books. But first I have to get rid of my horrible procrastinating attitude but gawd, it's haaaarrdd...

And I have this thing against random messages from every dickhead who doesn't tell me their name or give me missed calls out of the blue. What is it about some Malaysian guys who think that girls have all the time and all the credit in the world to reply nonsense messages. The worst thing is that I know some girls who like this kind of stuff and I'm like wtf? Just venting. You know what I think is hot? Confident guys and guys who speak decent English. A hard, hard thing to find these days.

Anyway, I have all these kewl subjects this semester such as Aquaculture Biotechnology (which I'm taking to improve my capabilities), Communication Science (Dr Hii says I MUST take this subject), Aquatic Organisms Health (Hmmm, diseases and such), Remote Sensing & GIS (waa, macho subject but I &hearts the labs! Interesting.), English for Occupational Purposes (Great another 'EST'. Must score!) and my FYP stuff (I just started with the title...). This semester sounds awesome!

I notice that I do well in subjects I'm ACTUALLY interested in. Guess I should really try getting 'into' my subjects this semester. Hardy-har-har. And a Happy Birthday to my dear friend Vivian Khoo!!! Woo hoo!~ She doesn't read my blog but at least I didn't forget, right? I'll wish her later. *wink*

Zaapping out before it hits 12...


Sara Jade said...

lol u actly planted something????? bwahahahaha!!!

btw im x gn bk in aug. u cumin to c me?

Vanessa Stephens said...

I'll try... I have a field trip to KL in august for 3 days... 13-15th aug but i'm not sure if my GIS lecturer will let us roam about... :-(

btw, thanks for being my first commenter, dear sis.