Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What My Sis Calls a 'Quickie'

I do realize that my title has nothing much to do with my post today but...

I just had a brilliant start to the day, by messing up the simple sentence "My birthday is on the 30th of August" in Japanese 2 class today to my utter humiliation. I mean, who messes up their own birthday? So I'm rusty. Like REALLY RUSTY. I took Japanese 1 in SEMESTER 2. (I'm in Semester 5 now.)Anyway, all these young whippersnappers are looking up at me with 'what the heck is wrong with her' written all over their faces.... (And sensei's aghast expression! Unfogettable. If I wasn't freezing so much in that Bilik-something Ilmu, I'd have turned scarlet.)

Now that I think about it's kind of silly and probably wouldn't have happened if I had finished my homework in the first place. (Or maybe I am over-estimating my abilities? -_-')

Anyway, I have a cart-load of stuff to do before the weekend where I have to go to Chemerlong Waterfall for a club thing... *stressed out*

(Note: If you think this post is a sly hint at reminding people about my birthday, then I'd say you're not that far off the mark. ^^)

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kristensoong said...

HOHOHO!!! Vanessa cheeky you. You purposely blogged about it!!!!!! 30th August. Will keep that in my calendar. ;)