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Happy Merdeka Day!

My new puppy back home, Coco!

This is probably going to be my last post for a while since I have my Final Year Project proposal presentation this Saturday (that was a mouthful). Anyway, I'm knee deep in assignments and lab reports (I've dug my own grave...) and I just celebrated my birthday yesterday which was awesome even if I didn't really do much! :-)

My housemate, Dexter and my coursemate, Jack combined their homo-esque forces and gave me this bloated doggie plushie for my birthday (with some guitar twanging thrown in)... My roomie, Eva, gave me this lovely head-poker thing and phone strap... I got my prezzie from my parents a month ago, which was a Canon Ixus camera (which I am eternally grateful for. &hearts) AND SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR THE WISHES!! (I got some really hilarious ones, some involving Samoan rugby players, sexy underpants and me being a full fledged woman. *rolls eyes*)

On Friday, my church buddies - Melissa and Nat brought me out with Naja, Sat…

Just Shoot Me

This post is just for fun - to not bore the handful of people who frequent my blog. (Especially what with my last post...) XD I've just figured out how to make expandable posts! Took me ages... Still working on static pages but I haven't the time tonight so I'll save that for another day.

In case you missed it:

A bit racy but interesting nonetheless since the Brown Eyed Girls had a girly, ballad-belting, cutesy image before.

New websites I found really interesting! (I'll probably add this to my linkies soon...):

Both have entertaining human interest articles (mostly targeted to ladies, ahem). I especially liked Lemondrop's article about 80's crushes!

I'll just scurry on now with my business now before my lecturer has me for breakfast tomorrow.

Till better days!

Looks like my birthday came early this year! I've been waiting for this parody of the above posted video for weeks! >_<

Performed by some of the members from 2AM and 2PM, as …

Review: Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy

While the drama is still fresh in my mind, I thought I'd make a short tribute to it here. I've never been as stuck on any drama lately as I have been with Shining Inheritance (2009) and the last one I was really crazy about would have to be My Lovely Samsoon (2006). ^^

Here's the lowdown of the plot: A rich girl, Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) comes back from the States to her family: her dad's going bankrupt but keeps it from her and her stepmum (Kim Mi Sook)is a wicked thing, but dotes on her real daughter, Seung Mi (Moon Chae Won). When the father suddenly turns up dead, evil stepmom turns out Eun Sung and her autistic brother out to the streets to fend for themselves and keeps the insurance money for herself and her daughter. Too cliché? Read on.

Eun Sung & Hwan
While trying to pick herself up again, she finds her true friends: Hye Ri and Jun Se (Bae Soo Bin), who both encourage and support her. One day, she loses her brother, and takes in an old granny with memory loss, …

August Quickie. For reals.

At this very moment, I have finally finished my kdrama Shining Inheritance at 5.15 am! *total psycho* Just wanted to mark this 'epic' moment in my blogistory. :-P

Lights out.

Current playlist: Blast from the past - My 90's music stash (MJ, BSB, 5ive, LFO etc.)!

My Poor Ol' Creaking Bones

Korean music video of the day:

I just had one of the best holidays ever! I've never felt so pampered in my life! Lol, haha... Exaggeration, but I really did enjoy myself. In the space of 5 days, (4 if you will, minus the 8 hour bus rides), I covered Sungei Wang, Times Square, Midvalley, KLCC and Sunway. I'm still suffering from the after-effects of ice-skating, my muscles have been aching away since two days ago. Auntie and uncle were really interesting people and the kids are so precocious. And I got to see Sara! (who always worries me with all the shenanigans she gets up to...) Not to mention, I met up with LAVEE after a YEAR! :)

(Sara's awful at taking pictures...)

My 2 roomies, Eva and Shu, still aren't back yet so I'm alone but it's cool coz I get to roll around their bed and play my odd music! It's rather quiet in the house though. But I will persevere! Dex and Jack are having a barbecue at my Taman Sejati house tomorrow night so there'll be lots of …

Thoughts of Home

Sometimes my silly little sisters say things that really make me miss home... Oh well. I still have my final year project to get over with. I'm doing something about nitrogen in coral reef sediments. Hope all goes well so I can go back in the semester break! A silly poem dedicated to my family:

Silly Poem
I miss her smile
I miss her flamboyance
I miss the way she goes on and on when she talks
I miss her sincerity
I miss his horrible jokes
I miss his nose
I miss her hugs
You people are my world~

It's up to my family to figure out which ones they are! &hearts


P.S. I was seriously thinking of making a post about all the dramas I've watched but I thought that would probably be overkill after my last post and torturous to my readers. Another day then! *drama-otaku* ^^

Say it with me...HOLIDAYS!!! Woohoo!

A cute pic of Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo to brighten my day :)

Just a small note to say that I'll be in KL from the 15th to a still-undetermined as-of-yet date. I'll be staying with relatives and I can't wait to see my sis Sara (brat), Lavee (who's back from France!) and beat up some guy's sorry ass.

I thought I would be spending my holidays here quietly in Kuala Terengganu but I have this niggling urge to shop. KL here I come! (If I survive the bus ride, that is. Meh.) I'm going to put all my assignments on the back-burner for a while... Which reminds me, I have a Science Communication assignment to e-mail to my lecturer! Doing. It. Later.

Okay, back to finishing my drama. Episode 20 and still going strong! (Evil stepmom has finally pulled out her biggest guns. Somebody stab her!) BWAHAHAHA.... Then I'll figure out what to wear to church tomorrow... Decisions. Decisions. (The way my thoughts flit from one thing to another, I don't blame you if you thin…

When I Grow Up...

When we're young, people start drilling you with this question every year:
"Young lady/man, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

I used to answer:
A) Scientist
B) Doctor (Gah, blood!)
C) Lawyer (I'm too meek for this.)

This question puzzled me no end because I had not even contemplated then that I would actually have to work for a living. I'm still the same even now, where I have no clear idea where I'm going. Regrets? I have them. But I thank the heavens everyday for all the small blessings I have received when there are people who have so little.

I do realize that I am well on my way to achieving my first choice - A) Scientist which is really funny since I remember that being my first choice since primary school (mentang-mentang I got 97% once in a Science exam paper when I was 10!) Anyway it's really funny how these things turn out, now I just hope to be the best fish scientist EVAH. :-P

Most people would be surprised to know that I did play around with t…

August Quickie? Slash that.

K-drama: Shining Inheritance (SBS)

Previously, I've blogged about trying to decide which K-drama to watch (it was between City Hall and Shining Inheritance) and I watched a bit of both.

THE RESULT: I'm totally hooked on Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy (Korean dramas and their multiple titles...)!!! I'm on episode 7 now and I'm bravely trying to ravage a couple more episodes before I finally admit that the weekend has finally ended and turn in for the night. It's not that City Hall is bad in any way, it's just that Shining Inheritance is more gripping (dang, those cliffhangers) and I love seeing their outfits, bags etc. Pretty~

At first glimpse, it seems to be your standard fare, evil stepmother, a vague hint of disease *shock* *horror*, convoluted family relationships, the ultra sweet guy who will never get the girl...but something about it just reeled me in. Apparently South Korea agreed with me because it had massive ratings when it aired from April to Jul…

Because I Can

Random video of the day:

T-ara/Tiara's Lies MV (Ballad version)

This is a prettier version than their other dance version of Lies and I like!!! But the video is creepy, I'm not really into the horror genre... If anyone is interested, this MV featured clips of the upcoming 2009 horror K-drama 혼 (Soul). But I just fancy the song...

Dance version

Anyway, I have a lab practical test tomorrow with a scary lecturer! (You wouldn't think she's scary but she's that kind of sweetly evil people like Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter books or Black Maria from Diana Wynne Jones' book of the same name. Scary + sweet = Killer combination. Never underestimate.)

Jungle Trekking to Chemerong Waterfall

Me against Chemerong Waterfall (I'm tiny!)

I had a great weekend, trekking all the way to Chemerong Waterfall which took approximately 1 hour (but very tiring what with all the steep hills, evil tree roots and slippery ground, I feel lucky that my limbs are intact...) It was an event organized by UMT's very own Water Recreation Club and we were there on the pretense of picking up rubbish but ended up splashing away instead. (Truth be told, the waterfall was pretty clean anyway so we mostly picked up after ourselves...)

Anyway, I met some people who were really nice and I don't regret going (at least that's what I tell myself) even though I have scratches and bruises from the trip. As a result of all the pain I've endured, emotionally and physically (I'm such a drama queen!), I've gathered a short list for dummies like me who are intending on partaking in something like this in the future:

Jungle Trekking Rule Number 1:
Do not wear slippers.
Especially your fav…