Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Merdeka Day!

My new puppy back home, Coco!

This is probably going to be my last post for a while since I have my Final Year Project proposal presentation this Saturday (that was a mouthful). Anyway, I'm knee deep in assignments and lab reports (I've dug my own grave...) and I just celebrated my birthday yesterday which was awesome even if I didn't really do much! :-)

My housemate, Dexter and my coursemate, Jack combined their homo-esque forces and gave me this bloated doggie plushie for my birthday (with some guitar twanging thrown in)... My roomie, Eva, gave me this lovely head-poker thing and phone strap... I got my prezzie from my parents a month ago, which was a Canon Ixus camera (which I am eternally grateful for. &hearts) AND SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR THE WISHES!! (I got some really hilarious ones, some involving Samoan rugby players, sexy underpants and me being a full fledged woman. *rolls eyes*)

On Friday, my church buddies - Melissa and Nat brought me out with Naja, Sat and Wati for sushi at Mingstar... But I went there a few days ago with Shu (kinda feels like overkill). Then we walked around the overly packed Mydin (creepy guys in every corner) and later scoured the streets for shoe shops! (Lol.) Yes, all in the pouring rain.

I love these guys. XD

Currently lovin':
Baek Ji Young - Like Being Hit With a Bullet
Humming Urban Stereo - Hawaiian Couple
J-Walk - Suddenly
2PM - I Hate You

PS: I already said so in the title but Happy Merdeka Day again! It makes me proud to say I'm Malaysian and those bloggin' haters can say what they want but I believe our country is better off than some and can only continue to improve... Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAAVANYA!!!

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