Sunday, August 02, 2009

Jungle Trekking to Chemerong Waterfall

Me against Chemerong Waterfall (I'm tiny!)

I had a great weekend, trekking all the way to Chemerong Waterfall which took approximately 1 hour (but very tiring what with all the steep hills, evil tree roots and slippery ground, I feel lucky that my limbs are intact...) It was an event organized by UMT's very own Water Recreation Club and we were there on the pretense of picking up rubbish but ended up splashing away instead. (Truth be told, the waterfall was pretty clean anyway so we mostly picked up after ourselves...)

Anyway, I met some people who were really nice and I don't regret going (at least that's what I tell myself) even though I have scratches and bruises from the trip. As a result of all the pain I've endured, emotionally and physically (I'm such a drama queen!), I've gathered a short list for dummies like me who are intending on partaking in something like this in the future:

Jungle Trekking Rule Number 1:
Do not wear slippers.
Especially your favorite Hush Puppies slippers. (They will not keep you ALIVE.) And flimsy shoes because I noticed a couple of people's shoes were breaking apart after the trip.

Jungle Trekking Rule Number 2:
Preferably bring a back pack. Those one-shoulder things are difficult to handle when you're hopping over fallen tree logs...

Jungle Trekking Rule Number 3:
Do not use anything white! Unless you have faith in your laundry detergent or don't mind it being see-through after sweating, then by all means... (You were warned.) There goes my white bag... :-(

Group Pic (pic courtesy of Min Terk)

That's all for today folks! Back to the 1001 things I have to get done this week...
[Current playlist fave: Tiara - Lies & Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra]


Sara Jade said...

fyi t-ara's new song sucks. dude. it annoys me to no end. n u look so tiny!!! lol so cool man ur weekend. i spent mine basically trying not to get mixed up in crys' relationship problems. *sigh* met lots of new frens though. lol ol of them international tho.

varms said...

The song's nice-ish but watching the singers annoy me to no end, so I just listen to them. Better that way...

And I'm still obsessed with the Abracadabra song! I LOVE their new image...

Good for you, I think I narrowly escaped a serious accident at the waterfall (by a hair!), haha... My uni might be closed soon... UM still going strong?

silveraven said...

heya van!!! :D