Thursday, August 13, 2009

Say it with me...HOLIDAYS!!! Woohoo!

A cute pic of Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo to brighten my day :)

Just a small note to say that I'll be in KL from the 15th to a still-undetermined as-of-yet date. I'll be staying with relatives and I can't wait to see my sis Sara (brat), Lavee (who's back from France!) and beat up some guy's sorry ass.

I thought I would be spending my holidays here quietly in Kuala Terengganu but I have this niggling urge to shop. KL here I come! (If I survive the bus ride, that is. Meh.) I'm going to put all my assignments on the back-burner for a while... Which reminds me, I have a Science Communication assignment to e-mail to my lecturer! Doing. It. Later.

Okay, back to finishing my drama. Episode 20 and still going strong! (Evil stepmom has finally pulled out her biggest guns. Somebody stab her!) BWAHAHAHA.... Then I'll figure out what to wear to church tomorrow... Decisions. Decisions. (The way my thoughts flit from one thing to another, I don't blame you if you think I'm batty.) XD


EDIT (12.35 am): *squeals* I just finished Episode 21! This drama never disappoints! I can go to sleep happy tonight... &hearts Best drama I've watched this year after the horror that was Boys Before Flowers. (which I couldn't stomach after 12 episodes.)


silveraven said...

i wanna go kl too. this weekend esp. :(

varms said...

What's on this weekend in KL?