Friday, August 14, 2009

Thoughts of Home

Sometimes my silly little sisters say things that really make me miss home... Oh well. I still have my final year project to get over with. I'm doing something about nitrogen in coral reef sediments. Hope all goes well so I can go back in the semester break! A silly poem dedicated to my family:

Silly Poem

I miss her smile
I miss her flamboyance
I miss the way she goes on and on when she talks
I miss her sincerity
I miss his horrible jokes
I miss his nose
I miss her hugs
You people are my world~

It's up to my family to figure out which ones they are! &hearts


P.S. I was seriously thinking of making a post about all the dramas I've watched but I thought that would probably be overkill after my last post and torturous to my readers. Another day then! *drama-otaku* ^^


sierra. said...

i'm she who goes on and on when she talks huh.

varms said...

Haha, maybe I should have put angel-face... Lol. :)

sierra. said...


varms said...

Don't get me wrong. It fools people. Haha...