Tuesday, September 29, 2009

15Malaysia Video Awards! (Unofficial)

A pear? Bite me.

Gosh, I'm so left behind with the times. Independence Day and Malaysia Day breezed past and I never noticed what the hoo-ha about 15Malaysia was all about. I thought it was merely directors showcasing trailers for Malaysian movies or something. If I wasn't shown three 15Malaysia video clips at church camp (Potong Saga, Slovak Sling & The Son), I may never have stumbled on this 15Malaysia thing. (I know, I know, where's my patriotism or ability to keep up with the times?) Anyway, I don't claim any right to judge these videos, I'm just your average Malaysian viewer and these are just my thoughts...


Most thought-provoking video!

Chocolate - The really short one with Howard Hon Kahoe (cute!) and Sharifah Amani... This one made me think long and hard, plus gets extra points for being a Yasmin Ahmad video. &hearts

The most heart-wrenching video...

House - The one where a little Indian kid shows us his dream house and why... Yasmin Ahmad also makes an appearance in this one. Surprising? No?

Hands down funniest video(s)!
Potong Saga (without a doubt, naughtiest too) - The one with Namewee trying to open an Islamic bank account... Funnier than it sounds and awesome comedic timing! ^^


Slovak Sling - Watch Harith Iskandar as a politician being bribed and the DVD seller watching... Good stuff! :P

Video with everyone's favorite uneducated taxi driver!
Meter - Think of Khairy Jamaluddin as your personal taxi driver for the day and passengers like Jason Lo and Baki Zainal? What do you get? An interesting (albeit bordering on the ridiculous) discussion. :)

Video that hits the closest to home!
Lumpur - The one where earth + water = lumpur or tanahair...

Video with the best special effects!
Rojak! - Watch and see... A bit dizzying at times though...

Creepiest video yet!
Lollipop - Lemme get this out of the way, Bront Palare (stage name) is cute! But he plays a psycho here... Creeeepy. And in the beginning, was he m-...? Never mind. I'd rather not say. (Hee hee..)

Most unnerving video!
One Future - Ida Nerina's smile was oh so creepy but sweet... Though I think the narrator sucked. (Sorry, Pete Teo.)

Honourable mentions: Gerhana (Daphne Iking! Sabahan power!), The Son (the video that makes you feel guilty no matter what race...) and Healthy Paranoia (simple but still manages to be funny...)


Video most like a 2nd rate commercial!
Halal - Not only was I bored to tears, I was mildly offended by their idea of a Chinese and Indian man. It looked cheap and tried too hard to be funny.

Most boring video!
The Tree - The one where an imam talks really seriously about trees and the Muslim way of life for close to 4 minutes.

Most annoying video (I mean what was the point?)
Duit Kecil - Where a man is trying to get small change from a bunch of whores. Did the man have to be so ugly? (Gawd, I'm superficial...)

Watch them at: Youtube or at the official 15Malaysia website

Overall I still enjoyed most of the videos and the directors are really brave to bring up some of those 'sensitive' topics. I wonder if they'll do it again next year? And maybe there will be one video with other races besides Chinese, Malays & Indians?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq [True Blood]

Oh I'm just lovin' this.

And I want to see more of Evan Rachel Wood in True Blood! As her character, vampire queen of Louisiana, she's elegant, foul-mouthed and sinfully in character in the last 2 episodes of True Blood Season 2! This season has been really, wow! A lot of it has been pretty hard to take in (especially the partially-nudie scenes). I'm not watching it on HBO so it's uncut and *phew*. NSFW. R. 18SX. But I ploughed on because the mysticism and supernatural stuff draw me in. And I do love that southern twang! But I hate it when they go OTT and completely batshit crazy. (My language becomes very colourful after watching something. Easily influenced.)

I loved Carnivale [HBO TV series]! And Taken (but that's science-fiction)... Anyway HBO TV series rocks! Except Deadwood, The Sopranos and Entourage (I can't get into any of those. *runs away from die-hard fans* )Six Feet Under was okay though. But my mum didn't understand my morbidity so tried to conceal me from that world of death, dark humor, homosexuals and all that is perceived evil. LOL. Just kiddin'. She hated that show. She didn't stop me from watching X-files with her(which traumatized my childhood). And now she's into Hallmark-y things.

Midsomer Murders, why do you haunt me?

"I love watching men with other men..."

September Quickie

I finally watched the Ugly Truth! Yes, yes and yes! I went on a chick flick marathon this afternoon and also watched The Wedding Date (Seems familiar but I watched it anyway. Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney, mmMMmm...) and While You Were Sleeping (Made endearing by the presence of Sandra Bullock. Bill Pullman? Yech.) Ah, the things lonely gals do on a Friday night.

Resolve: Must start Japanese homework tomorrow! It's long overdue... :-(

Less boring days

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inter-campus Gathering 2009 at Johor

Go, Dark Blue, go!!!

I just came back yesterday at 1 am and I had a fever and a cold when I came back (froze my ass off in the bus). But I enjoyed myself thoroughly at the ICG '09 for Catholic students studying in the peninsular! Woot~ I got to meet old and new friends. *sigh* Being my usual unsociable self, meeting old friends is always weird because we haven't seen each other for so long that it's awkward. (Spotted! Old SFC schoolmates: Brenda Chong, Jacqueline J. & Sandy!)

UMT-INSTEP peeps... :)

Anyway, we had group workshops (I was in the Dark Blue group), Project Runway, Fellowship Night and the usual praise and worship (Kudos to the awesome home-grown Christian band Prodigal Apostles!!! They really know how to rock the stage!!) The speakers were really interesting too, as diverse as they were - an NGO, a TV producer from MediaCorp, a research officer for the Selangor CM, a corporate worker and a singer (Juwita Suwito!&hearts) Some topics I never imagined at a church camp: Media? Politics? Racism? wtf

My debut as an 'aktres buruk'!

(I am in no way responsible for the name 'Yoyo' or the editing of this video)

The theme was O.R.A.I.T - an acronym for Our Religion As the 'In Thing'... The Penang Coordinating Committee (PCC) were totally pumped with yells of P.C.C.! AUMMM! The Malacca-Johore diocese were the organizers for this event held every 2 years (will I get to attend the next one?) and the turn-out this tme round was 537 students from Perlis to Johor... The KL Diocese will be the next hosts of this event! ^^

The UMT party together with the Institut Teknologi Petronas (INSTEP) boys set off together to Johor on the 18th (it took a whopping 9 hours to get there!) and we picked up Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) students on the way who were a really funny bunch...especially Jenit and Wednna who keep telling me to join Unduk Ngadau (I who am not worthy enough... *bows*). :)

Farewell UMP!

More detail on the workshops and speakers later because I'm still feeling too sick to elaborate more and I write ever so much better when I'm in tiptop shape. My facebook has never received so many friend requests in one day, all thanks to ICG...

Cheers to new acquaintances! *\(^-^)/*

Thursday, September 17, 2009

All Chuck-ed Out

I've just finished it!!! Chuck Season 2!!! *trumpets blowing* And it was awesome, except for the last 5 minutes of Chuck Versus the Ring which made me go EH?! Not spoiling!!! But I really love this show even though I took so long to finish it. Phew. I had the two seasons since June (Thanks Audrey!) but I've only recently found the time to watch it all! Happiness~ :) (But finishing a show always leaves a gaping hole in me...waiting to be filled with other TV goodness!)

I also managed to finish Gokusen Season 1... I watched Season 2 in my first year at uni... This is a genuinely funny Japanese dorama! Loved it. It's made all the more precious with the cute-but-tough antics of Yankumi! (Though I don't know if I can bring myself to watch Season 3, WAIT THERE'S A SEASON 3?!)

Gossip Girl Season 3 also seems to have begun airing. Will keep an eye on that (I already have the first episode) and there's still True Blood Season 2 to watch. *sigh* But I will use up my holidays to the fullest! (Many might disagree with me.) On other matters, my wisdom tooth is being pain in the neck (or should I say mouth?) again. Gotta pack for my church camp tomorrow! (I'm getting too old for this. Please don't expect me to burst into tears while praying, singing etc. I'm much too cold for that.)

Fight-oh! (Yan-kumi style!)

Song of the day:
Lauryn Hill - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (cover)

Edit: After reading this post over, I think I sound like a chipmunk on E. Must be all the exclamation marks. *makes note to decrease them in future* And I apologize for updating so irregularly. My posts also seem to lean heavily onto the entertainment side. My sis Vadee blames my extensive knowledge of TV. Should I start blogging about fish?!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Charm of Old Movies

Recently, I finished watching a charming old movie, Cat Ballou (1965)... I've always loved watching really old movies that usually bore my sisters to death but I make them watch them with me (Wonder Woman, Cool Hand Luke, My Fair Lady, For Whom The Bell Tolls to name a few...) All that big hair! Corsets! And middle-aged heroes! It amuses me to no end. And there's no awkward scenes (you know, the ones you're embarrassed to be watching with your parents around).

THE PLOT: Cat Ballou is a comedy-western about a girl, Catherine Ballou who starts off all innocent, then becomes hardened after her father's death at the hands of gunfighter Tim Strawn. Cat Ballou, together with her dysfunctional band of misfits (an educated Indian, a sex maniac, a gun-wielding preacher/uncle and wonderfully drunk gunfighter, Kid Shelleen) are dragged into helping Cat Ballou rob trains and get revenge. Why do these men seem to follow her every word? Because she looks like this:

Jane Fonda when she was still smokin' hawt

Lee Martin as Kid Shelleen/Tim Strawn is the one to look out for here. His dual performance was the best in this movie. I love the way the movie never takes itself seriously (SPOILER! Even her father's death was kinda hilarious). And every now and then a couple of cabaret singers (one being Nat King Cole) strumming guitars will belt out the Ballad of Cat Ballou. Totally epic and really enjoyable to watch! I hate old movies that try to be different from its predecessors and come out with a ridiculous and 'unpredictable' ending. Sometimes predictability is a welcome change. Like chick flicks (you know how those are gonna end). Unlike the shriek-y horror you feel when you watch the ending of Saw (okay, I'm a wuss at horror flicks).

The Sex Maniac & Cat Ballou

She has the smile of an angel (Fights like the devil!),
The eyes of an angel (Bites like a devil!)
The face of an angel (I say, she's the devil!),
She's mean & evil through and through~
-The Ballad of Cat Ballou-

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Not Forgotten

Happy Birthday, Nenek!!!

Just a short post to reflect on my life, achievements, family, friends and for all the things I'm grateful for. Being a good daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, friend and student all rolled into one can be very trying at times. And I know how religion is important to all of us and how it shapes our lives and purpose.

"Life is short. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile."

It's odd how I only remember He is there when my body is weary and heart is heavy. In this case, I'm totally home-sick! (Totally emo-ing tonight after a long chat with my sis... *whacks head*)

Song of the Day:
Joe Anderson, Jim Sturgess & Dorm Friends - With A Little Help From My Friends

Monday, September 07, 2009

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Today, my roomie, Shu, wanted to see if a dog that was run-over by a car yesterday was still alive. She might even have brought it back to the house (I wouldn't have minded..) But I thought I would be relieved if it was dead. Instead I was startled when I saw it, because the dog resembled my dog Pickles who ran off from the my home last year, never to return. I kept imagining it was breathing ever so slightly but it looked like a dog that just wanted to be left alone to die, unresponsive. So we left. Before that we checked the KT veterinary office but it was closed (public holiday). We weren't even sure if they checked out dogs here because a local told us that dog owners usually send their sick dogs over to Kuantan.

I remember coaxing my dog, Pepper, to life again, when he inexplicably refused to eat or drink for a few days and simply lay down all the time. Man, that was one depressed dog. He eventually started to eat again after my several attempts at coaxing him. Pepper was an old favorite dog of mine and I say was because Pepper died when I was in college. He was poisoned apparently and my sisters found his body in the morning. (This post is being increasingly difficult to write...)

"Anyway, I love you Pepper and no other dog will ever mean the same to me as you do to me."

Paddy, Lucky & Patches

Life became a little brighter again with my increasing attachment to Lucky, my black and white mini bundle of terror. I love all my dogs, Patches, Paddy + Coco (whom I haven't even seen yet) and it's funny how much I realize this a whole South China Sea away from them and all it took was one dog lying by the roadside, quietly waiting to die alone.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Positive Thinking *squint*

A new month with new dreams!

I realized that I look and feel so much better with enough sleep (more positive)... I'm gonna try to not leave my assignments till the very last minute because I do need my beauty sleep!

Aah, what can I say about the coming month?? I see nothing but a month filled with tests, assignments, reports and...... raya cakes!!! I hope I don't gain some more weight again... This always happens to me during puasa time. While all the Muslims are fasting away, I stuff my face with bazaar goodies! But someone told me I look the same as when I first came to UMT... Good thing? Bad thing? (No change/development whatsoever?) I like to think that I've matured. :-)

Going coco. Bzzzzzzz! (Fifth Element nerd-ness)