Tuesday, September 29, 2009

15Malaysia Video Awards! (Unofficial)

A pear? Bite me.

Gosh, I'm so left behind with the times. Independence Day and Malaysia Day breezed past and I never noticed what the hoo-ha about 15Malaysia was all about. I thought it was merely directors showcasing trailers for Malaysian movies or something. If I wasn't shown three 15Malaysia video clips at church camp (Potong Saga, Slovak Sling & The Son), I may never have stumbled on this 15Malaysia thing. (I know, I know, where's my patriotism or ability to keep up with the times?) Anyway, I don't claim any right to judge these videos, I'm just your average Malaysian viewer and these are just my thoughts...


Most thought-provoking video!

Chocolate - The really short one with Howard Hon Kahoe (cute!) and Sharifah Amani... This one made me think long and hard, plus gets extra points for being a Yasmin Ahmad video. &hearts

The most heart-wrenching video...

House - The one where a little Indian kid shows us his dream house and why... Yasmin Ahmad also makes an appearance in this one. Surprising? No?

Hands down funniest video(s)!
Potong Saga (without a doubt, naughtiest too) - The one with Namewee trying to open an Islamic bank account... Funnier than it sounds and awesome comedic timing! ^^


Slovak Sling - Watch Harith Iskandar as a politician being bribed and the DVD seller watching... Good stuff! :P

Video with everyone's favorite uneducated taxi driver!
Meter - Think of Khairy Jamaluddin as your personal taxi driver for the day and passengers like Jason Lo and Baki Zainal? What do you get? An interesting (albeit bordering on the ridiculous) discussion. :)

Video that hits the closest to home!
Lumpur - The one where earth + water = lumpur or tanahair...

Video with the best special effects!
Rojak! - Watch and see... A bit dizzying at times though...

Creepiest video yet!
Lollipop - Lemme get this out of the way, Bront Palare (stage name) is cute! But he plays a psycho here... Creeeepy. And in the beginning, was he m-...? Never mind. I'd rather not say. (Hee hee..)

Most unnerving video!
One Future - Ida Nerina's smile was oh so creepy but sweet... Though I think the narrator sucked. (Sorry, Pete Teo.)

Honourable mentions: Gerhana (Daphne Iking! Sabahan power!), The Son (the video that makes you feel guilty no matter what race...) and Healthy Paranoia (simple but still manages to be funny...)


Video most like a 2nd rate commercial!
Halal - Not only was I bored to tears, I was mildly offended by their idea of a Chinese and Indian man. It looked cheap and tried too hard to be funny.

Most boring video!
The Tree - The one where an imam talks really seriously about trees and the Muslim way of life for close to 4 minutes.

Most annoying video (I mean what was the point?)
Duit Kecil - Where a man is trying to get small change from a bunch of whores. Did the man have to be so ugly? (Gawd, I'm superficial...)

Watch them at: Youtube or at the official 15Malaysia website

Overall I still enjoyed most of the videos and the directors are really brave to bring up some of those 'sensitive' topics. I wonder if they'll do it again next year? And maybe there will be one video with other races besides Chinese, Malays & Indians?

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