Thursday, September 17, 2009

All Chuck-ed Out

I've just finished it!!! Chuck Season 2!!! *trumpets blowing* And it was awesome, except for the last 5 minutes of Chuck Versus the Ring which made me go EH?! Not spoiling!!! But I really love this show even though I took so long to finish it. Phew. I had the two seasons since June (Thanks Audrey!) but I've only recently found the time to watch it all! Happiness~ :) (But finishing a show always leaves a gaping hole in me...waiting to be filled with other TV goodness!)

I also managed to finish Gokusen Season 1... I watched Season 2 in my first year at uni... This is a genuinely funny Japanese dorama! Loved it. It's made all the more precious with the cute-but-tough antics of Yankumi! (Though I don't know if I can bring myself to watch Season 3, WAIT THERE'S A SEASON 3?!)

Gossip Girl Season 3 also seems to have begun airing. Will keep an eye on that (I already have the first episode) and there's still True Blood Season 2 to watch. *sigh* But I will use up my holidays to the fullest! (Many might disagree with me.) On other matters, my wisdom tooth is being pain in the neck (or should I say mouth?) again. Gotta pack for my church camp tomorrow! (I'm getting too old for this. Please don't expect me to burst into tears while praying, singing etc. I'm much too cold for that.)

Fight-oh! (Yan-kumi style!)

Song of the day:
Lauryn Hill - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (cover)

Edit: After reading this post over, I think I sound like a chipmunk on E. Must be all the exclamation marks. *makes note to decrease them in future* And I apologize for updating so irregularly. My posts also seem to lean heavily onto the entertainment side. My sis Vadee blames my extensive knowledge of TV. Should I start blogging about fish?!

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