Monday, September 07, 2009

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Today, my roomie, Shu, wanted to see if a dog that was run-over by a car yesterday was still alive. She might even have brought it back to the house (I wouldn't have minded..) But I thought I would be relieved if it was dead. Instead I was startled when I saw it, because the dog resembled my dog Pickles who ran off from the my home last year, never to return. I kept imagining it was breathing ever so slightly but it looked like a dog that just wanted to be left alone to die, unresponsive. So we left. Before that we checked the KT veterinary office but it was closed (public holiday). We weren't even sure if they checked out dogs here because a local told us that dog owners usually send their sick dogs over to Kuantan.

I remember coaxing my dog, Pepper, to life again, when he inexplicably refused to eat or drink for a few days and simply lay down all the time. Man, that was one depressed dog. He eventually started to eat again after my several attempts at coaxing him. Pepper was an old favorite dog of mine and I say was because Pepper died when I was in college. He was poisoned apparently and my sisters found his body in the morning. (This post is being increasingly difficult to write...)

"Anyway, I love you Pepper and no other dog will ever mean the same to me as you do to me."

Paddy, Lucky & Patches

Life became a little brighter again with my increasing attachment to Lucky, my black and white mini bundle of terror. I love all my dogs, Patches, Paddy + Coco (whom I haven't even seen yet) and it's funny how much I realize this a whole South China Sea away from them and all it took was one dog lying by the roadside, quietly waiting to die alone.


buntak kulau said...

uhurks...reading this post was all it took for me to think of my dear late monk the rottweiler...=(

varms said...

Yea, you and your dog was in my head when I was thinking what to put as the title... Hee hee... :)