Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Charm of Old Movies

Recently, I finished watching a charming old movie, Cat Ballou (1965)... I've always loved watching really old movies that usually bore my sisters to death but I make them watch them with me (Wonder Woman, Cool Hand Luke, My Fair Lady, For Whom The Bell Tolls to name a few...) All that big hair! Corsets! And middle-aged heroes! It amuses me to no end. And there's no awkward scenes (you know, the ones you're embarrassed to be watching with your parents around).

THE PLOT: Cat Ballou is a comedy-western about a girl, Catherine Ballou who starts off all innocent, then becomes hardened after her father's death at the hands of gunfighter Tim Strawn. Cat Ballou, together with her dysfunctional band of misfits (an educated Indian, a sex maniac, a gun-wielding preacher/uncle and wonderfully drunk gunfighter, Kid Shelleen) are dragged into helping Cat Ballou rob trains and get revenge. Why do these men seem to follow her every word? Because she looks like this:

Jane Fonda when she was still smokin' hawt

Lee Martin as Kid Shelleen/Tim Strawn is the one to look out for here. His dual performance was the best in this movie. I love the way the movie never takes itself seriously (SPOILER! Even her father's death was kinda hilarious). And every now and then a couple of cabaret singers (one being Nat King Cole) strumming guitars will belt out the Ballad of Cat Ballou. Totally epic and really enjoyable to watch! I hate old movies that try to be different from its predecessors and come out with a ridiculous and 'unpredictable' ending. Sometimes predictability is a welcome change. Like chick flicks (you know how those are gonna end). Unlike the shriek-y horror you feel when you watch the ending of Saw (okay, I'm a wuss at horror flicks).

The Sex Maniac & Cat Ballou

She has the smile of an angel (Fights like the devil!),
The eyes of an angel (Bites like a devil!)
The face of an angel (I say, she's the devil!),
She's mean & evil through and through~
-The Ballad of Cat Ballou-


QuantumDecipher said...

hahaha....i like to watch old movies too... and i really mean it..the word OLD!!! bujang lapok is one of my fav...+_+ ??hihi

varms said...

Haha... But no Cinemax here, so I rarely watch them unless I go home...