Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inter-campus Gathering 2009 at Johor

Go, Dark Blue, go!!!

I just came back yesterday at 1 am and I had a fever and a cold when I came back (froze my ass off in the bus). But I enjoyed myself thoroughly at the ICG '09 for Catholic students studying in the peninsular! Woot~ I got to meet old and new friends. *sigh* Being my usual unsociable self, meeting old friends is always weird because we haven't seen each other for so long that it's awkward. (Spotted! Old SFC schoolmates: Brenda Chong, Jacqueline J. & Sandy!)

UMT-INSTEP peeps... :)

Anyway, we had group workshops (I was in the Dark Blue group), Project Runway, Fellowship Night and the usual praise and worship (Kudos to the awesome home-grown Christian band Prodigal Apostles!!! They really know how to rock the stage!!) The speakers were really interesting too, as diverse as they were - an NGO, a TV producer from MediaCorp, a research officer for the Selangor CM, a corporate worker and a singer (Juwita Suwito!&hearts) Some topics I never imagined at a church camp: Media? Politics? Racism? wtf

My debut as an 'aktres buruk'!

(I am in no way responsible for the name 'Yoyo' or the editing of this video)

The theme was O.R.A.I.T - an acronym for Our Religion As the 'In Thing'... The Penang Coordinating Committee (PCC) were totally pumped with yells of P.C.C.! AUMMM! The Malacca-Johore diocese were the organizers for this event held every 2 years (will I get to attend the next one?) and the turn-out this tme round was 537 students from Perlis to Johor... The KL Diocese will be the next hosts of this event! ^^

The UMT party together with the Institut Teknologi Petronas (INSTEP) boys set off together to Johor on the 18th (it took a whopping 9 hours to get there!) and we picked up Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) students on the way who were a really funny bunch...especially Jenit and Wednna who keep telling me to join Unduk Ngadau (I who am not worthy enough... *bows*). :)

Farewell UMP!

More detail on the workshops and speakers later because I'm still feeling too sick to elaborate more and I write ever so much better when I'm in tiptop shape. My facebook has never received so many friend requests in one day, all thanks to ICG...

Cheers to new acquaintances! *\(^-^)/*

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