Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Positive Thinking *squint*

A new month with new dreams!

I realized that I look and feel so much better with enough sleep (more positive)... I'm gonna try to not leave my assignments till the very last minute because I do need my beauty sleep!

Aah, what can I say about the coming month?? I see nothing but a month filled with tests, assignments, reports and...... raya cakes!!! I hope I don't gain some more weight again... This always happens to me during puasa time. While all the Muslims are fasting away, I stuff my face with bazaar goodies! But someone told me I look the same as when I first came to UMT... Good thing? Bad thing? (No change/development whatsoever?) I like to think that I've matured. :-)

Going coco. Bzzzzzzz! (Fifth Element nerd-ness)

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