Saturday, September 26, 2009

Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq [True Blood]

Oh I'm just lovin' this.

And I want to see more of Evan Rachel Wood in True Blood! As her character, vampire queen of Louisiana, she's elegant, foul-mouthed and sinfully in character in the last 2 episodes of True Blood Season 2! This season has been really, wow! A lot of it has been pretty hard to take in (especially the partially-nudie scenes). I'm not watching it on HBO so it's uncut and *phew*. NSFW. R. 18SX. But I ploughed on because the mysticism and supernatural stuff draw me in. And I do love that southern twang! But I hate it when they go OTT and completely batshit crazy. (My language becomes very colourful after watching something. Easily influenced.)

I loved Carnivale [HBO TV series]! And Taken (but that's science-fiction)... Anyway HBO TV series rocks! Except Deadwood, The Sopranos and Entourage (I can't get into any of those. *runs away from die-hard fans* )Six Feet Under was okay though. But my mum didn't understand my morbidity so tried to conceal me from that world of death, dark humor, homosexuals and all that is perceived evil. LOL. Just kiddin'. She hated that show. She didn't stop me from watching X-files with her(which traumatized my childhood). And now she's into Hallmark-y things.

Midsomer Murders, why do you haunt me?

"I love watching men with other men..."

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