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The End of the World

I do NOT like the sound of this:

News Article - Britain to cut access of Internet pirates

And I quote:

"Britons who repeatedly download music or films illegally would have their accounts suspended, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson said, in an announcement that angered some Internet service providers."

Well thank goodness some Internet service providers are going to make a fuss... I hope they stall this for as long as possible. Then the rest of the other countries wouldn't have to follow suit. Apparently, this occurred directly after France made a similar announcement. Now how do I curse in French?

I'd hate to have to pay a fortune for the stuff I've downloaded, not watch a favorite TV show or settle for second-rate subs of my beloved dramas (the online subbing teams are so much better). Although this had to happen some day, at least this era would be known as The Glorious Era of Free File-sharing (or to the music industry: That Damnable Era of Internet Pirates Where…

Music Break: Dynamic Duo

Currently on repeat:

This has to be the most underrated song I've heard in a while... It's sung by the South Korean rap group Dynamic Duo featuring the crisp vocals of 8eight's Joo Hee. I've always liked 8eight and therefore this song is a great find!!! &hearts

Album: Gone…New Ways Always, Digital Single
Release Date: November 10th, 2008

Chorus (translation):
Love, like a flash of lightning
Hits you, stays then disappears like dust
I feel we burned it out too lightly
(I miss you)
Now we’ve scattered like smoke

It’s gone (It’s gone)
It’s gone (It’s gone)
It’s gone (Yeah)
It’s gone Love is gone (It’s gone)
It’s gone (It’s gone)
It’s gone (It’s gone)
It’s gone It’s gone Love is gone

My October Sky

Silly people... =) (Place: UKM Bangi)
Whatever possessed me to sleep so much today... And I've totally broken my vow not to blog at all this week!!! *sigh* So I'll make this a quick one. I had a lovely past week, with a lot of headaches at the beginning due to all the reports and presentations...

This past week in brief:

My GIS class came back from KL on the 18th... Didn't get any free time and discovered I have remastered the skill of sleeping in moving vehicles once more! I couldn't before or not very well... Now I sleep within 10 minutes! Bwahahahaha... The National Planetarium was fun!!!

Found out my Japanese II test results. A ghastly 56%. (+_+)
私の日本語はとても悪いです。Response: Hai, hai. (-_-')

My EOP presentation was meh. (I know I don't give fantastic presentations but this one I really couldn't be proud of. Never again will singing ever be a part of Vanessa's presentations.) Surprisingly, my lecturer, Ms. Suria, commented that our course's topics seemed to…

What I Do When I'm Supposed to Be Studying

1. Write silly posts on my blog. Exhibit A: This post.
2. Check my facebook. Over and over again.
3. Postpone my studying every other hour.
4. Visit meaningless websites (sometimes websites I don't even like.)
5. Text my sisters, mother and friends.
6. Wash clothes and clean house (I get obsessive compulsive when I'm stressed...)
7. Snack on junkfood. (Who am I kidding, I do this everyday! *junkfood queen*)
8. Watch movies I haven't bothered to finish because it's better than the alternative.
9. Organize my pictures and songs by name.
10.Do girly things like plucking my eyebrows.
11.Watch silly Youtube videos (Come on, I bet you do this too.)
12.Watch my never-ending dramas.


Then finally, when my eyes are half red with all the procrastinating and staying up, do I begin to study. I always regret this the next day when I can barely keep my eyes open and my head seems magnetically attracted to the table... Actually I'm only like th…

October Quickie

This week's going to be crazy...and I have my hands full trying to finish all my assignments and cram for my tests (Japanese and GIS!) this week before heading to KL for my Remote Sensing and GIS class. So I don't expect to be updating anytime soon. Maybe before I get on the nasty bus (ghastly to sleep in, I look like a bloody pontianak with hair all over my face..).

Congratulations to all the UMS students who have just graduated!!! To more exciting times ahead!!! Especially to Fendi & Dolum! *throws confetti*
And I might be catching the Borneo Cultural Night before the bus leaves! (Just an hour or so...*sigh*) I wouldn't miss it for the world! (Over-exaggeration but yea, has anyone seen the cute Borneo shirts? I. WANT.)

K-drama Heaven

Why is it that all the good dramas seem to pop up during the month where I'm supposed to be studying for exams? Why? Why? Why? Being the drama freak that I am, I usually watch one kdrama and one jdorama at a time but since I'm almost done with Mei-chan no Shitsuji (completely boring towards the end), I'll consider watching two kdramas at once. Both these dramas are currently airing in South Korea at the moment.

Smile, You [SBS]
First in line is, Smile, You [SBS] which looks better than anticipated! I find that usually over-hyped dramas fall short of expectations and the underdogs rule! *squeal* Jung Kyung Ho &hearts is in this one, if anyone's watched My Lovely Week/All About Love, he was the popstar that the nun was head-over-heels in love with. Loved his comedic timing there which is played to perfection in this drama (he was totally wasted in I'm Sorry I Love You and TODAW). Lee Min Jung (Boys Before Flowers) is much better here too than she was in BBF (I don&…

Home-sick again...

My FYP is bringing me down...

Depressing people are bringing me down...

Not being able to go home after the holidays is bringing me down...

My whole course brings me down...

I'm glad there's church tomorrow. It always makes me feel better and lighter somehow. Refreshes the soul and eases those heavy hearts. =)


But then a small part of me wishes the things we hope to forget would just go away. Would going home solve anything? (sometimes I think not.)

It's raining again. Those damn frogs.

PS: Happy birthday to my dear mother! *hugs from Terengganu!* Turning 50 years young this year... Sshh, it's supposed to be a secret... And good luck in your PMR, Budz!!! Read the motivational message I sent ya over and over again! (And you just might go mad...)

Beck Live-action! Fall 2010

Okay, okay. So I haven't watched the anime. But I did like their opening song Hit in the USA a couple of years ago! I just can't get into anime anymore these days... Watching real people is just more fascinating to me. Anyway back to the topic. Yea, Beck is an anime about a rock band (or something along those lines. Wikipedia tells me that the story focuses on the trials and tribulations of a band called BECK.)

But the reason I'm all excited is because of the HOTerrific cast!

Mizushima Hiro will be someone called Minami Ryusuke (Apparently he's the lead character.) He's a little too skinny for me but he is a decent actor by Jdorama standards (Hana Kimi, Zettai Kareshi, Mei-chan no Shitsuji).

Osamu Mukai will be smiling again as Yoshiyuki Taira. Hmmm, he's playing another white-haired guy... (Not like I'm complaining, I &hearts this guy! :-P) Previous doramas: Nodame Cantabile, Seigi no Mikata, Mei-chan no Shitsuji

Sato Takeru as Koyuki, whoever that is. Sa…

Taxi-driver Madness (How Come?)

Since my hands are itching to blog some more, here's my favorite 15Malaysia video! 'Meter' starring Khairy Jamaluddin as a hilarious taxi driver and appearances by Jason Lo, actor Baki Zainal, the notorious Namewee and Amber Chia (short cameo). Directed by Benji Lim and Bahir Yuesuff. My other favorites are 'Potong Saga', 'Slovak Sling' and 'House'. If you liked this video then you should seriously consider checking these out!!! :-D

I'm sure everyone has had an interesting encounter with a taxi driver and it's funny how these old gizzards can ramble about anything and everything under the moon in the comfort of their little taxi. KJ should seriously consider acting after politics... XD

On another note...
For Brown Eyed Girls fans, here's a cute tidbit from their album last year... (Couldn't end this post without adding this, it's stuck in my head today!)

And that's how it's done! &hearts

"Bontot kita sama hitam!"…

Borneo Cultural Night 2009!

Ethic Oily Costume Show? @_@
Only the most awesome thing ever! (for now at least...) The one night dedicated in appreciation of my beloved state, Sabah and neighbouring Sarawak and I get to celebrate being an East Malaysian, I have a course field trip to KL! For Remote Sensing and GIS class. (Dr Razak, any chance of it being postponed again? Hehe.) Just wonderful. This is the first time it's done in Dewan Sultan Mizan too in all the (close to) 3 years I've been studying in UMT...

The Little Details (in case you can't read the poster):
Date: 15th October 2009
Place: Dewan Sultan Mizan, UMT
Time: 8pm
Tickets: RM5

For all you guys and gals who are free that night, please attend this event! (Coz there are sad people like me who want to go so badly but can't!) I think non-UMT people can attend too... :-)

PS: A quiet moment to pray for our friends in Indonesia and Philippines who have been affected by the earthquake and typhoon+tsunami.