Friday, October 09, 2009

K-drama Heaven

Why is it that all the good dramas seem to pop up during the month where I'm supposed to be studying for exams? Why? Why? Why? Being the drama freak that I am, I usually watch one kdrama and one jdorama at a time but since I'm almost done with Mei-chan no Shitsuji (completely boring towards the end), I'll consider watching two kdramas at once. Both these dramas are currently airing in South Korea at the moment.

Smile, You [SBS]

First in line is, Smile, You [SBS] which looks better than anticipated! I find that usually over-hyped dramas fall short of expectations and the underdogs rule! *squeal* Jung Kyung Ho &hearts is in this one, if anyone's watched My Lovely Week/All About Love, he was the popstar that the nun was head-over-heels in love with. Loved his comedic timing there which is played to perfection in this drama (he was totally wasted in I'm Sorry I Love You and TODAW). Lee Min Jung (Boys Before Flowers) is much better here too than she was in BBF (I don't exactly like her yet, but I love it when they're together ^^). Episodes out: 4 (Some sites say there will 50 eps [the horror!], while some say 30.)

You're Beautiful [SBS]

Next up is the highly anticipated You Are Beautiful [also SBS, they're on a roll]! An trendy drama about an idol group named A.N.JELL. Actors/Actresses I Love: Jang Geun Suk &hearts and Park Shin Hye. Only the first episode's out (the second will probably air tonight). The whole cross-dressing girl plot still ain't growing old in my book and I'll watch almost anything with JGS (he makes it all worth it somehow, even with the bad hairdo). On the other hand it's really corny... (Hong sisters' trademark) I'm still on the fence on this one, need a couple more episodes to really get into it but there's a good chance I'll be watching it...(who am I kidding?! JGS+idol group+comedy=Vanessa magnet)

You're Beautiful main cast

*sigh* So many dramas and so little time. Orthros no Inu (Nishikido Ryo & Tackey!) will just have to stay on the back-burner for a while because I finally found meself some decent Korean dramas. I only watch Jdoramas if I absolutely can't find a good Kdrama (To watch a Kdrama, you have to invest a lot of time as they're usually 16-24 episodes, so I'm very picky whereas japanese dramas are usually about 10-12 episodes in length).

Ah Vanessa, when will you grow up?

UPDATE(10/10/09): Just finished You're Beautiful 2nd episode... I'm definitely watching this to the end!!! Bring on the lolz!

UPDATE 2: I was getting sick of my old banner so I put together a new one in 5 minutes! Ah, Vanessa, you are useless at photoshop.

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