Thursday, October 29, 2009

The End of the World

I do NOT like the sound of this:

News Article - Britain to cut access of Internet pirates

And I quote:

"Britons who repeatedly download music or films illegally would have their accounts suspended, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson said, in an announcement that angered some Internet service providers."

Well thank goodness some Internet service providers are going to make a fuss... I hope they stall this for as long as possible. Then the rest of the other countries wouldn't have to follow suit. Apparently, this occurred directly after France made a similar announcement. Now how do I curse in French?

I'd hate to have to pay a fortune for the stuff I've downloaded, not watch a favorite TV show or settle for second-rate subs of my beloved dramas (the online subbing teams are so much better). Although this had to happen some day, at least this era would be known as The Glorious Era of Free File-sharing (or to the music industry: That Damnable Era of Internet Pirates Where We Lost Sooo Much Money).

Way to support the entertainment industry, Vanessa.


kenwooi said...

i always download music, videos and movies in uni =P

silveraven said...

haha, wanna bet that someone somewhere will figure out a way to beat this? :p

varms said...

most definitely... haha... but I don't know if we'll still be able to download stuff freely 5-10 years from now...