Sunday, October 25, 2009

Music Break: Dynamic Duo

Currently on repeat:

This has to be the most underrated song I've heard in a while... It's sung by the South Korean rap group Dynamic Duo featuring the crisp vocals of 8eight's Joo Hee. I've always liked 8eight and therefore this song is a great find!!! &hearts

Album: Gone…New Ways Always, Digital Single
Release Date: November 10th, 2008

Chorus (translation):
Love, like a flash of lightning
Hits you, stays then disappears like dust
I feel we burned it out too lightly
(I miss you)
Now we’ve scattered like smoke

It’s gone (It’s gone)
It’s gone (It’s gone)
It’s gone (Yeah)
It’s gone Love is gone (It’s gone)
It’s gone (It’s gone)
It’s gone (It’s gone)
It’s gone It’s gone Love is gone


silveraven said...

Dynamic Duo has ALWAYS been good! On par with Japan's M-Flo! :D

varms said...

I never noticed them before bcoz they're ugly!!! And I was too blinded by Epik High!!! (even though Dynamic Duo is supposed to be better...) This song is so addictive. Still on repeat. :)

Jack Ikan said...

mana mau dowload??hehe

varms said...

owh, u read my blog too... haha, i sorta suspected it... 4shared has it...

Jack Ikan said...

hahahahaha...i get a lot of great K pop songs from ur blog..i started last week..hehe..thanks ^^

varms said...

But I have some really weird tastes in music, haha...

Jack Ikan said...

i listen to japanese and korean even though i dont understand them..nobody is weird ^^