Saturday, October 24, 2009

My October Sky

Silly people... =) (Place: UKM Bangi)

Whatever possessed me to sleep so much today... And I've totally broken my vow not to blog at all this week!!! *sigh* So I'll make this a quick one. I had a lovely past week, with a lot of headaches at the beginning due to all the reports and presentations...

This past week in brief:

My GIS class came back from KL on the 18th... Didn't get any free time and discovered I have remastered the skill of sleeping in moving vehicles once more! I couldn't before or not very well... Now I sleep within 10 minutes! Bwahahahaha... The National Planetarium was fun!!!

Found out my Japanese II test results. A ghastly 56%. (+_+)
私の日本語はとても悪いです。Response: Hai, hai. (-_-')

My EOP presentation was meh. (I know I don't give fantastic presentations but this one I really couldn't be proud of. Never again will singing ever be a part of Vanessa's presentations.) Surprisingly, my lecturer, Ms. Suria, commented that our course's topics seemed to be all heart: love, friendship, graduation, romance (with a few exceptions)... Maybe it's because we're graduating soon?

On the other hand, my Biotechnology Aquaculture presentation was complimented by my lecturer, Dr. Asma! *perasan* Kudos to the rest of the Helix group! &hearts

Unbeatable! Muahahahha...

Joined the International Clean-up Day! I swear it was all about the environment (and mayhaps the prize for the heaviest trash collected) that kept us looking for them rubbish waaay over the vegetation line. (Think mangrove.) Bwahahahha... I heard some groups even hiked till the kampung (it's only supposed to be within 250m) We were accused of 'main tali' because we found 2 gigantic coils of rope which helped us win Champion Rubbish Collectors of the event! Lol. (Prizes were old SEATRU t-shirts...)

A event...

Anyway, that's all for today! Just another week in the life of an average UMT student... Now for my Remote Sensing & GIS paper in 2 days time! Charge!!! *dies from the cheesiness*

Bloggy update: Changed my banner... Hands got itchy again. I'm still not entirely satisfied with the result (I don't have mad Photoshop skillz) but I'll bear with it coz it's Jang Geun Suk! &hearts

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