Monday, October 12, 2009

October Quickie

This week's going to be crazy...and I have my hands full trying to finish all my assignments and cram for my tests (Japanese and GIS!) this week before heading to KL for my Remote Sensing and GIS class. So I don't expect to be updating anytime soon. Maybe before I get on the nasty bus (ghastly to sleep in, I look like a bloody pontianak with hair all over my face..).

Congratulations to all the UMS students who have just graduated!!! To more exciting times ahead!!! Especially to Fendi & Dolum! *throws confetti*

And I might be catching the Borneo Cultural Night before the bus leaves! (Just an hour or so...*sigh*) I wouldn't miss it for the world! (Over-exaggeration but yea, has anyone seen the cute Borneo shirts? I. WANT.)

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