Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I Do When I'm Supposed to Be Studying

1. Write silly posts on my blog. Exhibit A: This post.
2. Check my facebook. Over and over again.
3. Postpone my studying every other hour.
4. Visit meaningless websites (sometimes websites I don't even like.)
5. Text my sisters, mother and friends.
6. Wash clothes and clean house (I get obsessive compulsive when I'm stressed...)
7. Snack on junkfood. (Who am I kidding, I do this everyday! *junkfood queen*)
8. Watch movies I haven't bothered to finish because it's better than the alternative.
9. Organize my pictures and songs by name.
10.Do girly things like plucking my eyebrows.
11.Watch silly Youtube videos (Come on, I bet you do this too.)
12.Watch my never-ending dramas.


Then finally, when my eyes are half red with all the procrastinating and staying up, do I begin to study. I always regret this the next day when I can barely keep my eyes open and my head seems magnetically attracted to the table... Actually I'm only like this with subjects I don't really like.


Just for fun
This is a pretty song I heard on the bus on the way to KL... (Though I'm not sure if I like the meaning of the song...) Enjoy!

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