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Are you a Gleek?

Recently my roomie's got me watching a TV show called Glee, a Fox production that started out this year. Wikipedia tells me that it's a musical comedy-drama. It seems to be rather popular now in the States but I'm only at episode 5 at the moment (I've got to get more episodes from her...)

Anyway, Glee, to put it simply, is a musical (I love musicals!) mixed with a little Scrubs/Ugly Betty type of humour and a little angst (which seems out of place honestly, maybe it's because I don't know if this is going to turn out as a joke?) I haven't fallen into the Glee bandwagon yet but I'll just see how many more episodes of this I can take... Maybe it's because I'm more used to shows with a different and less darker humour like Chuck and Gossip Girl. I'm also watching True Blood (but I ain't watchin' that for the humour, y'all. *wink*).

(L-R):Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele

The Things I Like About Glee:
1) They sing popular mainstream songs! That's right, they don't just sing the half-assed piano tunes, they sing well-loved songs. (e.g. Take a Bow, Single Ladies and loads more)
2) Cary Monteith as the adorable, often confused jock. &hearts
3) When they quit yapping and start singing/dancing!

Things I Do NOT Like:
1) Jane Lynch (Why why is this woman here?! She disturbs me.)
2) The teacher, whatsisname.

Overall, the cast probably put in a lot of work practicing, dancing (sometimes) and singing for each episode, it makes me wonder how long they'll last doing this. I love all musicals and I will probably keep watching this just for the musical bits, and hopefully bit by bit I'll get used to the characters. (My roomie's gonna kill me if she sees this post, some things are sacred and I suspect Glee is too. Exhibit A: Neil Gaiman. Exhibit B: Terry Pratchett.)

Of course that is not all of what Glee has to offer. If you like gut-busting lines and don't mind minor displays of drama/angst, then you should try this out (if you haven't already)! A little bird tells me that there's this other great show called GRΣΣK [ABC] floating around which centers around Cyrus-Rhodes University and its sororities and fraternities. (But with 3 seasons out already, are you kidding me?! Maybe in my hols.) ^^

*runs off to watch my kdramas*


sierra. said…
silveraven said…
lol, i watched greek after i wrote that essay on sororities early this year. :D
varms said…
Is it really that good? My coursemate thinks it's the bomb.

Vadee: U want to watch everythinggg...
silveraven said…
i think it's ok... i stopped midway cos i didn't like how the story was going... :p haven't resume. LOL! it's a good insight on sororities/fraternities though.
varms said…
Okay, then I won't watch it then... 3 seasons is a chore to download... Unless I can mooch it off someone. :)

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