Monday, November 16, 2009

A Song to End the Day With

I've heard this song a few times in my neighbour, Chee Mei's car (always with the Chinese radio stations), and I liked this song just listening to it. I had NO idea what the song was called (the language still mystifies me) but I found out thanks to an old school friend. The video's crazy sad but sooo sweet! The song's about the one who got away and unspoken love (unbelievably mushy, I know). I didn't know Fish Leong was this good (with a name like that...)! Malaysia boleh! &hearts

Fish Leong - Qing Ge MV

Hope you liked it! =)

UPDATE: Okay, I just found out that the Chinese song that irritated me greatly for sampling Soulja's song, Kokoniiruyo (Stay By My Side ft. Thelma Aoyama), which I adore, is sung by the same Fish Leong. She was accused of plagiarism at one point. My fondness for this singer has died a little bit.

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