Thursday, November 12, 2009

November Quickie


I just had to say that even though it's been over for a couple of days but it took that long for it to sink in (and for me to catch up on sleep...). I still sleep at wonky hours, trying to fix that, 5 am is not normal!!! :-P

Anyway, for lack of better ideas to blog about (My brain is almost fully occupied with my FYP. Dun dun dun.), here is my dorky self in Matrics. TADAAA!!!

I'm the black stick in the back... H2T14 2006/2007!

Most people from my batch (who am I kidding, just about everyone), has never seen me in Matrics, lol. I appear and disappear like the night~ My tutorial class was just low key I guess and I was busy adjusting to the transition from high school (plus I'm really really quiet, I only got noisier in university and that's because I met the kind of people I can just be myself with!). I was deliberating whether to go for A Levels in Institut Sinaran, KK but I went with the Matrics offer instead.

Hopefully my Uncle Donald won't call me anti-social anymore. But he still does! Maybe because I don't talk to him. Haha. I'm gonna miss Christmas this year. Bummer. =(

But cheers to my first Christmas in Terengganu! Where some of the ugliest Christmas trees can be found. I'm serious. Someone at Giant must reeeally hate the holiday. The UMT library tree also looked like it was decorated by someone with no sense at all. (Last year.)

I need a drink.

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