Saturday, November 14, 2009

Once Upon a Time in KYC

I came across some old pictures (I've been flipping through a lot of old pictures recently) and it made me realize how empty high school would have been without sailing. I was a sailor once upon a time and I quit in 2004. I was neither excellent nor awful but I decided to give it a rest. People grow up, they take exams, and I started getting horrified at how dark I was getting. Lol. (I'm serious, a teacher once thought I was Indian once). And sure, I avoid KYC as much as I can because there's too many people who know you a little too well there, thanks to my family being loyal upstanding members of Kinabalu Yacht Club.

KYC in the evenings; Credit: KYC website

I got to visit lots of states for competitions, like Sarawak (Piasau Boat Club!), Negeri Sembilan (the BM of Semenanjung people scared me back then) and Kuantan (people liked that there were lots of girl sailors in Sabah!). Apparently, most states were lacking in girls in this sport. I've only sailed the Optimist, Laser Radial (Laser was a little too tough for me back then) and 420/470 (I'm just terrible at this, TERRIBLE). The sail number MAS122 holds a lot of meaning to me. And some bittersweet memories being a reserve in SUKMA 2003. Forgiveness can be difficult sometimes.

Not my most glamorous moment (I'm the man on the right)

I don't really keep in touch with my sailor friends, but you never do forget the stamina you built together, all that tiring centralized training (where you just want to drop dead at the end of the day), sailing to the nearby islands, the horrors of capsizing in a coral reef (I still have that phobia), all the squabbles on the open sea and sailor gossip. I still remember: Dana, Sarah, JOSEPHINE (you can't just say her name, you have to yell it!), Ruf, Alissa, Adam, Edbert, Mabel, Karin, Atai, Aaron, Chu, good heavens, the list goes on and on. All of them have graduated from Optimist definitely (it's below-15). Sometimes I felt more at home during weekends at the club than I ever felt during weekdays at school. :)

A common sight at KYC

It was a very pleasant time, I was very macho back then! And all I've got to show for it now are rough hands and the ability to never get seasick (very useful in my current university course...). Uncle Chris, Coach Ahmad Yusuf and Auntie Ching Ching are epic at training (and slave-driving) and made everything that much more fun. Of course, you will NEVER get me back on a boat again. My bones just can't take it anymore. Too damn stiff, it's deplorable. And I'm dark enough as it is. THANK YOU TERENGGANU, THE LAND OF BLAZING HOT WEATHER.

The Sailing Scene in Terengganu

Hmmm... To tell you the truth, there's all this hype about the Monsoon Cup but as far as I can see, it seems exclusive to the rich and wealthy and international sportsmen. It's held at Pulau Duyung which only comes alive those few days in December... Normal people go there, to watch. I don't really get it. There's also supposedly a Yacht Club here too somewhere but it looks pretty low key. SUKMA Terengganu came and passed (you know how that ended)... It's a pity because Terengganu has a gorgeous sea, no rocks and good wind (all of which are enjoyed by your friendly neighbourhood fishermen). A waste IMO. Maybe I'm not as well-informed as some but I tell it like I see it. :-P

Phew, gotta clean those dusty corners in the attic of my mind so I can make room for the new. And I hope it will be just as memorable. &hearts After all, it's our memories that make us what we are today... =)

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