Sunday, November 22, 2009

Packing Woes

FIT, damn you!!!

I'm going back tomorrow!!!!!!! Yaaaayyy!!! Sayonara, lab work and creepy lonely house overrun with frogs, shrews and the like... (I actually go to the lab to be around people in the day...) But yay, I'm almost done with my first sample analysis! =)

That also means packing which totally stresses me out every time. Why don't I find packing enjoyable? After 3 hours of stuffing things into my bag, I usually end up sitting on my suitcase, trying to high heavens to zip the thing up... Who in the world actually enjoys packing? WHO?! The movers perhaps.

And when I'm finally done, it's always like, oh no, I forgot this and that (usually my toothbrush, other toiletries and shoes), and hell starts all over again. *pulls hair out*

I need a maid.

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