Friday, November 20, 2009

A Perky Thanksgiving

4As 1B in her UPSR!!! Congratulations, baby!

You know what? I enjoy making lists. Some of them end up forgotten like my End-of-year Resolutions (conveniently more like it) or my To-do List (more often that not). And since I'm feelin' so darn blessed recently, here's my list of all things I'm grateful for this year:

01) A loving family and good friends (I miss you all!!)
02) My adorable pets (Patches+Lucky+Paddy+Coco)
03) Unexpected encounters and new friends... :)
04) The holiday season!! (Oh no, Kristen's infected me!!!)
05) The invention of TV! Thank you, John Logie Baird!
06) South Koreans, how I love thee!
07) An internship that wasn't so bad after all! =)
08) CW TV shows
09) Lovely songs that get to me
10) Yogurt cheese cakes!
11) Kindness when you least expect it~
12) Going out to sea! I love it!! (Corals still freak me out though...)
13) Facebook (though I've been at it since last year..)
14) Just being 21!
15) WEEKENDS! (Best thing EVER)
16) My phunky fingernail that grew back normal-coloured
17) The resurrection of this blog! (I wonder if I can keep this up...)
18) The good Catholic parishioners of Terengganu! =)
19) That I do not live in Terengganu (haha...)
20) My 2GB RAM and additional internal hard disk (Now I can keep more crap!)
21) The good lecturers of semester 5!

and more...

I can go on and on but the rest would be a little too much information, lol. Obviously, I'm trying to encourage myself to think positive! (Which hasn't been happening a lot lately due to FYP stress) Thinking happy thoughts releases feel-good hormones that make you look more younger and good-looking! =) It's true, I read it somewhere and it's proven. :-P So wipe off those frowns of your faces because you'll just be miserable and ugly at the end of the day! XD I'm not going to argue on that point but I think we should all count our blessings and make each day count!

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silveraven said...

i normally don't have that much trouble packing...but when i was done with the field trip in germany, i was one of the many people sitting on their bags trying to zip it up.


btw, south koreans!!! LOL~

silveraven said...

oops, that comment was for this post and the one that comes after it! :p

kristensoong said...

I infected you?! I didn't know I was that influential. :P

varms said...

Feli: I do honest-to-goodness love them!

Kristen: Yes, I am sort of in a Christmassy mood... Because of you! :-P