Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sabah Supermodel & Manhunk 2009 - 1st Semifinals

At the rehearsal...

Lovin' my holidays a li'l too much! I've been meaning to do a post on the 1st semifinals of Sabah Supermodel & Manhunk 2009 competition (as bizarre as that is) but I've been just plain lazy and my excuse is that I've been waiting for the official pics to come out... And boy, were they hilarious to look at! (This is my sister's first time, an aunt asked her to join 3 days before the actual event...)

I don't know whether I prefer Sara smiling or vice versa...XD

My sis made me tag along for her dress fittings, rehearsal and I was really bored throughout it all. And the 'Manhunks'. Let me take a moment first to laugh!!! Hahahahhahahah! It's cute how some looked embarrassed, yet some of the more seasoned ones were shameless! The 1st runner-up last year, Fred Ho is joining again, Kai Di (2nd runner-up last year) is part of the organizers and the Manhunk 2008 winner, Charles Ng is part of the judging panel... (He smiled at me during my usher duty! *swoon*) My cousin from my grandma's side, Marie Baxter, was there too as a judge. She was first runner-up last year for Sabah Supermodel and was crowned Miss Sabah this year.

Sara in her SIA-sponsored evening dress...

Another Franciscan, Nelly Chin is also in the competition. My favorites out of the girls besides my sis (coz I'm biased) would be Nelly, Julie and Paula. But all of them are so pretty!!! It's hard to choose. For the hunks, errr, anyone can win and I wouldn't bat an eyelid... XD Out of 20-something girls, 15 were chosen for the 2nd semifinals in the middle of December. (Sara made it!&hearts) The finals are in January next year at Asiacity Mall. Whaddya know, all 15 guys made it because there arrree only 15 guys.

Imma show you how it's done! (L-R: Paula, Aldee, Michelle)

This guy's really pretty though. I dub thee 'Jo Kwon'! (It's hilarious how he has the same name as the Archbishop John Lee, but I guess it's a common enough name...) But only 17... *sigh*

加油, Mr Popular!!!

Overall, Bed was okay I guess, as a venue... I don't go here much and the drinks were sooo expensive that night. Erk. (And some orang puteh bought me and my sisters tequilas! Hahahhahah, lol.) I don't think I'll be here for the 2nd semifinals, I'll be back in Terengganu by then, boo hoo. But I'll of course be cheering my sister on and if anyone's in KK in December, try to catch the 2nd semifinals of Sabah Supermodel and Manhunk 2009! (That title still makes me giggle!)


Portrait pictures credit: MSJ Photography
Dresses sponsored by: Zheng Boutique and Sabah Institute of Art
Swimwear, accessories, shoes: Model's own

For more portrait pictures of the models, click here for headshots (rehearsal) or here for more photos during the event.


Jill Hazel said...

nessa, can u post more picture about sara (supermodel photo picture). i want to see more of it...

varms said...

I already did... :)