Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wanted: Exterminator

WARNING: I know this might be a queasy subject for some people so do not continue reading if you're queasy about rodents and such...


There seems to be an EFFIN' SHREW family in the storeroom of my rented house. Shrews are kinda like mice only with elongated noses and stumpier tails. Really gross looking (I refuse to put up a picture. Google it.) Anyway, we set this trap in the storeroom (which is half open air and is located behind me and my roomies' bedroom) because I saw something suspicious scampering underneath the cupboard there (plus my roomie saw it running after an insect one night) and caught what we thought was a mutated mouse the next day. It released this wicked smell and we were like wtf, our room smells like fart now. I googled it and found out that the thing was a house shrew. It's not a pest, some people say we are BLESSED because we are now insect-free! But still, EWW. It releases this musk (more like farty?!) smell in breeding season (Heavens save us) or when threatened.

That's not the end of it. WHY ARE THERE STILL SQUEAKS AT THE BACK? Then a baby shrew managed to get itself ingeniously lodged in the toilet bowl one morning. The horror. After disposing that little bag of delight, we are left with the puzzling question of what to do. The squeaks are still there (to my disgruntled annoyance one morning when I wondered whatever possessed some demented bird to make weird sounds at 3AM? Clue: It wasn't a bird.)

Lol, my sis was grossed out when I told her and told me not to let them fornicate without the consent of the King! Her words not mine.

Still thinking about what to do. Let the cats in? With the amount of cats sneaking in through the back, I must say that Terengganu cats, despite their plentiful abundance, are absolutely useless.



jenny ngeian said...

haha..we need exterminator too! we called our house mini zoo. living together with mice,raccoon and even snake. your house is still way better than ours

silveraven said...

eww! get dex to look into the old cupboard and see if he can throw away the babies? (cruel but gaargh, nothing else do to!) or throw away all the stuff in the store room.

since when did the house have that thing? i thought we only had rats...

varms said...

No rats since then... Now shrews... I'm sure dex will looovee that. Haha... XD

Waa, Jenny. I heard about the snake... Scary. Racoon? Cool!!!