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December Quickie

Before I procrastinate about updating my blog yet again, I thought I'd share a bit of what's left of December in another quickie. I'm going to do this point-style like taking notes in lectures. Ignore my lameness. :-P

- I think I totally missed Min Terk's premiere of the environmental-themed movie, Age of Stupid at the library. Oh well.

- FYP is being a chore again. I swear, I've done the same ammonium analysis at least 5 times. My current problem is related with the lab chemicals. Patience, Vanessa. You WILL persevere. (Inside: Turn blue, dammit!) Someday, this will all pay off. Deep breath.

- Business class makes my head go round. @_@ Very different from the usual fishies that greet me every semester. God forbid. It looks a challenge.

- Christmas in Penang came and went (Shu's family is wonderful), though I'm still in the festive season mood. ^^ It ain't over till the New Year! Some people think the festivities end right after Christmas. (I'm looking …

The Most Infuriating Search Engine Ever

Mystery Google.

Based on someone's recommendation, I tried out Mystery Google. Apparently it's in no way affiliated with Google and no matter what you search, you will always get the Google results of the search before you. And you can get some pretty strange answers. Like porn. Or Twilight. Or marriage proposals. Typing in Hello or gibberish gets hilarious answers. Oh and I tried typing 'This site is weird' and it led me to a Youtube MadTV video entitled Stop It. You get the gist.

Sometimes it gives a few lucky people 'missions' if you type in 'What is my mission?' and it'll be something like e-mail this person to do her homework or prank call/text this number. Lol! (I'll never do things like that) But a lot of people like the site in the spirit of pure fun.

Ah, the things bored people do.

On other matters, I'm going to Penang tomorrow! Wheee~ But I'll miss spending Christmas at home... Christmas is supposed to be a time to spend with you…

Miniseries: North and South (2004)

Miniseries: North and South
Year: 2004
Cast: Richard Armitage, Daniela Denby-Ashe, Sinéad Cusack, Rupert Evans
Episodes: 4

I've never enjoyed a costume drama as much as this! It should be waaay up there with Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility! It's a rare find, this miniseries wasn't widely advertised because it wasn't expected to be popular but BBC's message board crashed an hour after the first episode due to overwhelming public response. It was such a success that BBC released it on DVD. I don't think I'll be able to find it here in Malaysia though. Unless I order it. Heh.

It's based on Elizabeth Gaskell's classic, I'll try hunting for the book (reading online is just not the same!) Nothing I say will be able to do this series justice because British people are tonnes better at conveying their appreciation and adoration of this miniseries (I can find lots of information online about it, mostly from gushing fans). Not to be confused with…

In Need of Some Starlight

When I fall asleep:
I like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly,
it's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
Because everything is never as it seems...
-Owl City (Fireflies)-
Just felt like it since it's always raining in Terengganu... =) I wouldn't mind having a pocketful of starlight in this season of joy and forgiveness. You never know when you'll need a bit of starlight in your life!&hearts Will there be a Christmas miracle this year? I sure hope so.

I just watched Emma (1996) in the holidays... This was my favourite line!

"Vanity working on a weak mind produces every kind of mischief." -Mr Knightley-

KK Hobbycon 2009 at Citymall

...where Sabahan anime and manga lovers unite. &hearts

Not that I'm an otaku or anything but I was once upon a time, therefore I could not resist this!!!

I missed the one in Asiacity Mall last year and apparently it was awesome. I feel like subjecting one of my little sisters to cosplay as something next year! *evil laugh* This year it was held at Citymall, Kota Kinabalu which is a really good choice (less pilaks) on the 11th and 12th of December. Anyway, there were a lot of those lolita girls when I was there because there was a lolita competition going on (the horror). The little stores there sold oddball things like paper crafts, magic and illusion items, full army gear (wtf), gundams and other figurines (very expensive) among other things.

There's a little Jedi in there, somewhere...
Even the kind of people visited this place were strange. I saw a lot of mature women who dressed like teenagers (rather trashy), disturbing uncles in cosplay with big cameras as well as your …

Spouting Nonsense

Something about December gets me in slo-mo mode... I loved my three weeks at home despite my puppy, Coco's deplorable toilet habits. Toilet-training has never been so hair-wrenching! Drives everyone nuts. She takes her sweet time doing her business outside and my other dogs hate her guts. Poor Coco. She's bald in some patches, so we tried switching her shampoo, anti-tick shampoo to medicated shampoo... It better work! I wanna see a cute poofball when I get back home. =D

Final semester!&hearts

Anyway, I'm back in uni! Yay! Before Christmas. Oh yay. Let me take a second to curse my always-delightful Terengganu uni for arranging our crappy holidays. @*&$#@#%! There, I had my moment. Let it be known that UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA TERENGGANU HAS NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER FOR CHRISTIAN HOLIDAYS. On top of that, Water Recreation Club is having a white water rafting event on Christmas Day. I don't care if I'm the secretary, I don't want to be known as the girl who died on …

Whacked Version of 2NE1's Fire!

This crazy Korean dance crew singing to 2NE1's Fire in their car, totally crack me up every time! That guy in white in front is such a funny retard. Don't watch if you don't like really bad singing and overly silly antics! XD

I wish I had more to post but the holidays kind of put the brakes on blogging for me... It's a bummer that I have to fly back to Terengganu on the 14th... I had dim sum for breakfast at Foo Phing today... SO GOOD. HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU. Then played pool and darts with my wacky sisters. I am equally bad in both.

Hope everyone's enjoying their December! =D

Back to the Future: Neopets!!!

I don't how, I don't know why, but out of sheer boredom, I've been playing Neopets (it's much easier to get freebies and Neopoints now, lol) plus it's the Advent Calendar month. Key Quest is my new favourite game! Real cute game...

This my 2nd Neopets account. My very first account, vrosemarie, got suspended a few years ago. Neopets can be a b**** sometimes...

On to other things...

I watched Judge Dredd (1995) the other day on TV which was wickedly awesome! Gotta luv those old sci-fi flicks! This one had Sylvester Stallone as the Classic Brute Hero and Diane Lane (she was a pretty young thing) as a Pair of Breasts and a much younger Rob Schneider as the Comic Relief Guy!!! And of course, Armand Assante as the Classic Psycho-villain. Seriously this movie rocked my sox! :-P

Gotta go back to frittering away my holidays doing mindless things...

Toodles! &hearts

P/S: My Neopets ID is vrosemaries if anyone with a Neopets account wants to be neofriends! XD