Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December Quickie

Before I procrastinate about updating my blog yet again, I thought I'd share a bit of what's left of December in another quickie. I'm going to do this point-style like taking notes in lectures. Ignore my lameness. :-P

- I think I totally missed Min Terk's premiere of the environmental-themed movie, Age of Stupid at the library. Oh well.

- FYP is being a chore again. I swear, I've done the same ammonium analysis at least 5 times. My current problem is related with the lab chemicals. Patience, Vanessa. You WILL persevere. (Inside: Turn blue, dammit!) Someday, this will all pay off. Deep breath.

- Business class makes my head go round. @_@ Very different from the usual fishies that greet me every semester. God forbid. It looks a challenge.

- Christmas in Penang came and went (Shu's family is wonderful), though I'm still in the festive season mood. ^^ It ain't over till the New Year! Some people think the festivities end right after Christmas. (I'm looking at you, red nose) And that's where you're wrong my dearies! It goes onnn until the fat lady sings. (Or whenever you think it's time to put away the Christmas tree...) :-P

- Recently, I've been busy watching Brit costume dramas! I'm trying to watch as much of them as I possibly can. My sudden interest having been ignited from watching Emma, I've already watched Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South, Wives and Daughters, Hardy's Under the Greenwood Tree and currently watching Jane Austen's Persuasion, all in the space of 2 weeks. &hearts (From kdrama otaku to costume drama otaku. This probably won't last very long..)

- New year's a-coming, and that means NEW RESOLUTIONS! (Ah, why do I insist on making them even though I hardly ever follow through most of them) Not sharing it now though.

- I trimmed my hair in Penang!!! Back to Plain Jane hair. Thank you everybody for all the Christmas wishes, cards and presents (more prezzies back home)!!! Wheeeee~ *unleashes inner child*

Till we meet again, cheers to all our new dreams, friends, and resolutions in 2010!!! *toasts everyone* (",)

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