Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Most Infuriating Search Engine Ever

Mystery Google.

Based on someone's recommendation, I tried out Mystery Google. Apparently it's in no way affiliated with Google and no matter what you search, you will always get the Google results of the search before you. And you can get some pretty strange answers. Like porn. Or Twilight. Or marriage proposals. Typing in Hello or gibberish gets hilarious answers. Oh and I tried typing 'This site is weird' and it led me to a Youtube MadTV video entitled Stop It. You get the gist.

Sometimes it gives a few lucky people 'missions' if you type in 'What is my mission?' and it'll be something like e-mail this person to do her homework or prank call/text this number. Lol! (I'll never do things like that) But a lot of people like the site in the spirit of pure fun.

Ah, the things bored people do.

On other matters, I'm going to Penang tomorrow! Wheee~ But I'll miss spending Christmas at home... Christmas is supposed to be a time to spend with your loved ones (I heard that on the radio this morning :-P).


Update: Google musta made some noise... It's now Mystery Seeker.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

you know, i typed 'mystery google', and it said "That is the site you are on." so captain obvious!

varms said...

Heyyy! Yea... It's kind of special that way...