Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spouting Nonsense

Something about December gets me in slo-mo mode... I loved my three weeks at home despite my puppy, Coco's deplorable toilet habits. Toilet-training has never been so hair-wrenching! Drives everyone nuts. She takes her sweet time doing her business outside and my other dogs hate her guts. Poor Coco. She's bald in some patches, so we tried switching her shampoo, anti-tick shampoo to medicated shampoo... It better work! I wanna see a cute poofball when I get back home. =D

Final semester!&hearts

Anyway, I'm back in uni! Yay! Before Christmas. Oh yay. Let me take a second to curse my always-delightful Terengganu uni for arranging our crappy holidays. @*&$#@#%! There, I had my moment. Let it be known that UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA TERENGGANU HAS NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER FOR CHRISTIAN HOLIDAYS. On top of that, Water Recreation Club is having a white water rafting event on Christmas Day. I don't care if I'm the secretary, I don't want to be known as the girl who died on Christmas Day white water rafting. Sacrilege!!!

On other things:

I might sound a little crabby in this post but I can't help it!!! Blame it on the hormones. I agree with my sister. Parents who are overly active on Facebook are so controlling over their children's Internet social life. I don't care if you're reading this, Mummy! Hah, take that. My dad's still a lovable caveman when it comes to computers. Ah, don't cha love balance in life.

Gotta go find my center of peace now and meditate on future course electives.

NEXT POST: KK HOBBYCON 2009! It's a promise! I'd post it now but it's getting rather late... Nitey nite!


Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

'loveable caveman'



varms said...

yup, that's my dad... :)