Sunday, January 31, 2010

Of Fish as Pets

January's almost over! And so ends a chapter in my life this year... Will February bring more focus? I sure hope so... I've been dithering far too long on my thesis. I've got to get it over and done with before my sister Sara comes along to Terengganu for the CNY hols (CNY tix are crazy expensive when they aren't booked early). :-( I'd love to go to KL though. My auntie Libby and cousins (Kimmy & Jon) from Australia are there currently but I have classes. So much for shopping next month...

I had another Saturday of teaching 8 year-old kids to read English books for the Golden Key Society's English Reading Program. Such cute kids! I don't think I could ever teach for a living (as pleasant as it sounds), but once in a while is okay... XD

Say Cheese!

After the program, we went downtown with Eva on our usual jaunts and Eva came back with a load of first-time aquarist materials and seven teeny Tetras. (Shu and I are graduating in September. How time flies. Planning a trip to Sarawak next year!) When I was at the shop, I realized how little I actually knew about ornamental fish (dang, I should have taken that Ornamental Fish Culture elective), so now I'm thinking of buying one of those tropical ornamental fish books just to read up on it. I saw cute turtles there! ^^ I've always wanted one of those.

Eva's fishies and her foxy fan..

Never really wanted fish though, they're too boring and seemingly useless. But the prices they fetch here! Small fish like Tetras are only RM1 per fish, but the Kelisa (this fish that looks like ikan karuk with long moustaches) are RM330! I know Arowanas always cost in the thousands range. There were lionfish too but I didn't see the price though how anyone could inconceivably think of rearing a pet that could potentially cause an excruciatingly painful death is beyond me. Maybe if you like to live on the edge. Ooh daredevil~.

You there. FEAR ME.

Fish as pets sound incredibly useless to me. They can't give you love, affection or feel grateful at how meticulously you take care of them (and fish need an incredible amount of care or bottoms up). They're not furry or nice to hold, cold-blooded, and are unresponsive no matter what face you pull. People buy them for decoration, Feng Shui, so people can see how prosperous they really are, or just to have any pet that won't make a mess or they just hate running around after pets, yellin' "Lucky, come baaacckkk!!!".

But hey, I think fish are nice and all and who knows, I just might get some in the future. I saw one dopey-looking fish swimming backwards at the same shop... I liked that one! I'd put it in a fishbowl and laugh at it all day! XD

P/S: I really like this song by a Korean singer, Dia called Another Boy. I think she's super talented vocally. I strongly urge you to have a listen... Enjoy!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Zach Levi in Less Than Perfect

First season cast of Less Than Perfect

Genre: Comedy, Office, Sitcom
Seasons: 4
Original Run: 2002-2006

Hahahahaha... Who knew?! Zachary Levi was in ABC's sitcom Less Than Perfect starring Sara Rue, Andy Dick, Andrea Roberts (Miss Parker from the Pretender) and Eric Roberts, among others. A few episodes were up on Youtube and I watched a few. It's funny how I never found the show funny in my high school years but my dad did, to my disgust then. (I don't think my mum watches sitcoms much...)

Zachary Levi as preppy Kipp Steadman

Zach's the snooty Kipp Steadman here, who antagonizes Claude (Sara Rue), a country-girl office worker. Imagine a preppy and less lovable Chuck (or that annoyingly perfect co-worker) and you have Kipp Steadman. His boss constantly refers to him as Secretary and Kipp is a little obsessive-compulsive, rats out on people and is just hilarious with his exchanges with the gorgeous Andrea Parker, who's just as snooty as he is, as well as ambitious and materialistic. BTW, I think Chuck should totally try short hair some day... Andy Dick is also a honourable mention here. The other characters, Ramona, the boss, the other boss, are also serial rib-crackers... :-D

Surprisingly, the show has a lot of hilarious one-liners and crazy office stereotypes. I guess I only understand their snarky humour now and it's pretty good stuff even 4-8 years later!! I only wish more episodes were up and fans are urging ABC to come out with the DVD with a petition. I'm guessing some of these are current Chuck fans like me... XP

Animals on the loose... Office=Zoo?

This show is on syndication on Lifetime. I wonder if that means it's on Hallmark?! Though that will be just weird. But seriously, they should put up something else besides countless reruns of The Nanny. (=_=') This show might admit to be less than perfect but it packs a lotta laughs and it was better than I expected... =) Ta!

*runs off to at least pretend to be productive*

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rent (2005) - A Fan Video

I was bored. Like really really bored. And I've never tried uploading videos on Blogger because I figured I'd never have to. But since Warner blocked my little fanvideo, I'm uploading it here instead. (You drove me to this, Youtube. I shake my fist at you!) Ever since Google bought over Youtube, the copyright laws have been stricter. (So cruel! I never had any problems with my kdrama fanvids...<--lameduck)

Music Information
Artist: Adam Pascal (of the fictional rock band, No Vacancy)
Song: Heal Me, I'm Heartsick (School of Rock OST)

Various online sources (okay, okay, Wikipedia) tells me that Rent is a 2005 American film adaptation of the hugely popular Broadway musical, which was based on Jonathan Larson’s Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning musical. The movie itself depicts the lives of several Bohemians (Bohemia is a laid-back and free philosophy) and their struggles with homosexuality (lesbians AND gays, I almost died), cross-dressing, drugs, life under the shadow of AIDS, and paying their rent. It takes place in the East Village of New York City in the late 1980s. The film, directed by Chris Columbus, has six of the original 1996 Broadway cast members reprising their roles.

Would you light my candle?

It has a really great soundtrack, or should I say performance pieces. Adam Pascal as a HIV positive rocker has-been had a great voice with equally great Bon Jovi hair. He has a thing with Mimi (Rosario Dawson), a HIV positive exotic dancer (seriously, almost everybody here had AIDS in some form). Despite its numerous taboo themes, it's quite clean, save for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it mooning incident. I liked the soundtrack a lot and this musical has been touted as the musical that revived youths' interest in musicals. It's a sweet story, one I would recommend everyone to watch at least once in their lives. (It's compulsory! But it has an NC-17 rating in the US.) I also advise you to not watch it with parents unless you're completely comfortable with that. :-D

Fave songs (according to how much I like them):
1) Will I?
2) Life Support
3) One Song Glory
4) Seasons of Love
5) Light My Candle
6) A tie between I Should Tell You, Goodbye Love & Another Day
7) Your Eyes
8) Without You & Out Tonight

P/S: I taught little 8-year-olds how to read Peter & Jane books today... Lol! =) It's part of Golden Key Society's English Reading Program. My dad thinks I'm too free. I admit that I am a bit too free these days (I suspect that's the reason I've been blogging so often lately..) XD

Thanks for the movie, Eva!!!

There is no future
There is no past
I live this moment as my last

There's only us
There's only this
Forget regret or life is yours to miss

No other road
No other way
No day but today...

-Another Day lyrics-

Photo credit: Sony Entertainment

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old School Jdoramas

Well, not that old school. I mean, more like in the 90s circa and when I was in high school. When girls were less plastic, Shun Oguri was an awkward teenager and Takuya Kimura was hot stuff (my mum disagrees)! Not that he isn't still, he's the king of all Jdoramas, but he was hotter back then IMO...

KimuTaku in all his pride and glory (pun intended)

Pride (2004) is a hockey drama starring Takura Kimura as Halu and Takeuchi Yuko as Aki, a typical office lady. I can't remember the details of the plot, except that the leads got together in the end and I LOVED this drama when it aired during high school (no idea why). Anyway, in an attempt to refresh my flagging memory and alleviate my boredom, I'm deliberating whether to buy either Pride or Densha Otoko (the jdorama version, not the Yamada Takayuki movie).

Are you sure you're the same guy in Crows Zero?

I'm waaay too lazy to stream them online and the current winter Jdorama selection bore me. Bloody Monday 2? Liar Game 2? Heaven forbid, Code Blue 2? I can't stomach any of these. Yamapi did not work for me in Buzzer Beat OR Code Blue. And I only realized last year during my Proposal Daisakusen craze, that he was in Lunch no Joou, an old favourite of mine about 3 brothers (Tsumabuki Satoshi! *drool*) who work together in a restaurant (cute guys + cafe/restaurant = WIN, just look at Antique bakery) and a girl who loves lunch (Takeuchi Yuko). Which brings me to the subject of Takeuchi Yuko. Why?? This ageless actress is currently acting in my current favourite American TV series, Flashforward! =D

You don't believe I'm 30?

Last year, I think I only finished Maou, Seigi no Mikata (cute!), Ryusei no Kizuna, Gokusen, Atashinchi no Danshi and Mei-chan no Shitsuji (crap). I'm such a drama freak (as if Korean dramas aren't enough). That's not counting the ones I couldn't bear to watch for more than 2 or 3 episodes.

Moving on to the point (I digress), so what shall it be? Pride or Densha Otoko?

PICK ME. Shun Oguri and Horikita Maki are in this!!

My decision will be based on DVD availability.

Taa for now! ^_^

P/S: *bangs head on table* Whatever happened to my New Year's resolution to cut down on dramas? Oh well, a girl's gotta have her fix.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Time in Setiu for WWF

Hola, peeps! This might sound lame but I've never chanced to stop at Setiu before, just passed by on the way to Kelantan... I've never talked to so many fishermen than at Setiu last weekend! Truly enlightening experience. :) We were all over the place, from Kg Mangkok (lol!), Gong Batu, Kuala Baru, practically all over Setiu (partly on foot). Like all I ever wanted to know about Setiu and more. I was one of the WWF volunteers and we had to interview fishermen at all the Setiu River fishing areas. Seriously funny, I tell you. It was for WWF's study of the common fishing methods and terrapin bycatch survey (nothing to do with UMT - some people may get confused about this).

Anyway, I only expected to know only Nel, Qis and Shu there so it was a bit of a surprise to see my two adorable fishery juniors: Acap and Syed! At first, I was like, oh no, these were the friends Nel said he was bringing? But they were really nice and eager to learn. (I learned a lot too. Fishing methods falls in our area of expertise but most things about terrapins still evades the best of my knowledge. Marine bio stuff.) Like how those long necked things are also turtles and soft shelled turtles are also called labi-labi.

A common sight here...

Me and Shu had no idea what we were supposed to do there and at first I was stunned at what we had to do (I'm not the most sociable person around) but I got used to it quickly. Shila was there too (met her at a New Year's party! Sumandak power!) and btw, she has one of the most infectious laughs I have ever heard. =D

First briefing...

Stephanie (UKM final year student) from WWF was there to guide us (she knows Brenda!) and a guy who showed up the next day with the coolest name ever - River. (How awesome is that?) He was glowing with praise about Sabah as almost half of the WWF team is centered in Sabah in many different projects. Ah, it's so nice to hear people from the Peninsular sharing the love. =)

One of River's kittens!

Anyway, these pak ciks were truly funny. The older fishermen seemed to be speaking a foreign language to me and couldn't understand me sometimes. T_T I try but I haven't picked up much Terengganu BM in my 3 years here... And the young ones look at me really skeptically and are generally more guarded than the other uncles. Is this our youth today? (Well they're not that young, around 28-35.) The ones that do this as a hobby are also easily miffed because they aren't real fishermen, so I have to watch my toes. You get all kinds, from vets to teachers to once-a-year fishers. (who have never heard of terrapins in their life.)

Sky looks gorgeous in this pic

We gathered 80 respondents after two days, above our target of 50! I love it when people get delighted at receiving the shirts after completing each survey... It made all the cow dung, aching legs and fishy smell worth it. (of course, we got paid a little, but when we joined, we thought we were doing this for free...) The villagers were also very helpful in assisting us. ^_^ There ARE nice people in Terengganu! *starry eyes*

The meanest looking river terrapin evaaah...

There was even time to stop by to see some people plant baby mangrove trees (there were UMT people involved here too!) and walk along the boardwalk to the river. We also stopped by Setiu's famed floating pens and to see the Turtle Conservation Center's terrapins (one of them was quite fearsome looking). Acap and Nel made jokes all the time, some funny (at poor Syed's expense), some not (Mostly Nel's! Masyarakat Hypothalamus was epic!).

Exhibit A:
Acap: Kau tau apa beza kau dengan Setan?
Syed: Apa? *pout*
*table howls in laughter*

Exhibit B:
Nel: Orang pergi Kampung Mangkok mencari mangkuk. Tetapi di Penarik, takut ditarik pula.
*table stops laughing*

Acap, Syed, Stef and Nel

Overall, I found the trip to be hugely enjoyable (kind of unexpected) and refreshing. It makes me eager to partake in other WWF voluntary activities after I graduate and am based in Sabah.

You learn something new everyday! Today I learned that petty things are not worth squabbling over and to always try to believe the best in people. =)

Pssst. I voted today. Did you?

Photo credit: My own and some grabbed from Shu (pshaw, she won't mind)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funniest Malaysian Names!

I laughed out loud for 10 straight minutes reading this old post at Mr. Badak's website! If you must know, I was searching for the meaning of mulau (crazy in Kadazan) because I wasn't quite sure of the meaning (I'm a poor excuse for a Kadazan), and I stumbled across this. It's not even the post itself (about an unfortunate man named Mulau bin Burit) that was the absolute funniest, it was the commenters! Teachers and government workers come across the funniest names...

Imagine being named...
Alias bin Mati
Injin A/L Bot (changed his name already...)
Penus (Oh dear.)
Labiah binti Kondong
Ignor Ingor
Blueberi anak Dewberi (This made me laugh the hardest!)
Gary Forceps (Waa, future scientist)
Bau Taie
Padang bin Ragut - Keningau/cattle owner
Putih Kusambut Hitam Kulambung - Lahad Datu
Tulis bin Pen - policeman
Duit bin Ringgit - policeman
Jambangan Bunga bte Setangkai
Mat Tonton bin Gusuk - mini bus driver
Jumau anak Harimau - Sarawak
Lopung bin Tangkalamai - Tambunan
Morris anak Monyet
Louie Ak Sapi (Sapi means cow in Kadazan)
Nurkaya bt. Misken (someone suggested she name her son Abdul Bajet)
Goodfornothing (You poor, poor boy. Blame your parents.)
Selamat Juga (what a relief for the mother)
Gundah Gulana
Hero Sitagap
Lucifer anak Dosa (babies are born innocent!)
Undur bin Gostan (from Ranau - XD)
Batman bin Suparman (hahahhahahah!)

Plus, I'm pretty sure there's a guy my age named Kinabalu who has a brother named Kinabatangan in Sabah. Their parents are true Sabahans. =)

Some of these names are pretty hard to believe and please keep in mind that I cannot verify its authenticity. But usually people are allowed to change their names if they are too outlandish. I feel bad already for laughing at these names but PEOPLE, THERE IS A LESSON TO BE LEARNT FROM ALL OF THIS. For me, no matter how tempting it is to name someone after a berry, I'd give anyone permission to knock some sense into me. ;-P

Via Mr Badak and his awesome commenters.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January Quickie

It's that time of the month again! (Wait, not that kind.) The time where I can't be bothered to name my posts because they are chock-full of scattered ramblings and thoughts that are neither deep nor meaningful. Which kind of reminds me of a phone conversation I had with my sister recently...

Vadee: So what are you doing now?
Me: Watching my period dramas... (I was watching Sense & Sensibility)
Vadee: Why do you like watching period dramas so much?
Dad: *muttering in the background* Oh, I get it, she's having her monthlies again.
Vadee: HAHAHHAHAHAHHA! She means old costume dramas!
Me: *dies*

And that is why I refer to them simply as costume dramas now.

On to other news, I have finished my lab work for my final year project! Yippee! ^^ This means I can start writing my thesis now and not spend hours at the lab... This semester's kind of laid-back for me since I'm only taking 3 subjects this semester...&hearts (But all of them equally tough...) *nods head*

TV talk:

Flashforward was awesome! I finished all 10 episodes... Can't wait for more!!! The mystery, the unpredictability, JACK DAVENPORT... White people sure like Japan for some odd reason. Yuko Takeuchi (of jodramas, Queen of Lunchtime and Pride fame) was a nice surprise. They didn't cast an unknown this time unlike Heroes' Hiro. Creator David Goyer promises some massive reveals in March... (Yup, they moved up the date!) I have something to anticipate this year! =)

And The Private Lives of Pippa Lee deserves honorable mention too for making me sit through it continuously even though it should have been called Outrageous Pippa Lee's Mid-life Crisis (but then who would watch it?). Blake Lively played the part of a younger version of Pippa Lee and Keanu Reeves was in it, thank heavens for small blessings. I was starting to think it was irredeemable. I think it helped me understand my mother more though. In short, not a bad movie.

And since I am so behind in movie-watching, I have only just finished watching Star Trek (2009) today and it was the best thing ever (this week)!!! One word: SYLAR. I don't know if it was intentionally hilarious but I laughed a lot, it was so over-the-top geeky, Zachary Quinto, how do you keep a straight face? John Cho was in here too as Sulu! *fangirl* I love anything sci-fi except for the ones that are simply an excuse for blowing up gross-looking aliens (ANYTHING with Sigourney Weaver and Vin Diesel). The Star Wars saga is unbelievably good too but you could never make me watch the Star Trek series... (Young Patrick Stewart? @_@) Fingers crossed for Star Trek 2! (in June 2012 if the world doesn't end.)

So much for maturing this year.

"Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." -Spock-

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Something Cute to Sicken Yourself Over

I normally do not post things like this. I have long believed that my cold stony heart (HAHA) will not fall prey to something this juvenile. But IT IS vaguely heart-warming, which is something I would usually associate with mad poofballs of fur: e.g. puppies or kittens!! My friends call me an animal pedophile. Cute what, okay?!!

Sometimes a smile can go a long way... =)


(Argh, there I posted it. Though I had to mull over it several times because it looks too cute for my dark-ish blog...)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Flashforward (ABC TV Series)

I am such a TV freak. I don't know how I'm going to keep up watching all my TV shows once they start this month. In January alone, I have Chuck (Jan 10) and Vampire Diaries (Jan 21) starting again. Gossip Girl starts again on March 8 and Glee on April 13. Anyway, I've just started another new series (bwahahaha!), and it's called...

My main reason for watching it is Jack Davenport, but hey, there are a lot of other reasons to be watching it too! I've always loved sci-fi in my TV shows, my most favourite is Steven Spielberg's Taken (2002) - the best crack ever!!!, Children of Dune (2003) - James McAvoy!, The 4400 (which was discontinued after 1 season... Why?!) and Lost (which I adored greatly, for all of one season, the story just got too convoluted from then on). Please Flashforward, learn from Lost.

Anyway, I've only watched the first episode, there are only 10 out so far (Yesss! I can keep up with it!) but I AM HOOKED. The beginning plays out like the beginning of Lost or the middle of the movie 2012: UTTER DESTRUCTION. Everybody is picking themselves off the floor, cars are overturned, planes have crashed, people are walking around aimlessly because the whole world has blacked out for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Countless people have died in the awakening chaos.

That's not even the weirdest part. Each one of people who have blacked out, excluding John Cho's character (Oh yes, JOHN CHO! Harollddd!!!), have glimpsed what looks to be their future, six months from now. I suppose the next few episodes will be about how they piece things together. Some of the visions are good, some make people wish they'd never happened: Joseph Fiennes' investigator character has started drinking again, his wife has seen herself being unfaithful, a father saw his dead daughter alive, a man about to commit suicide renews his faith in life and John Cho fears he will be dead as he experiences no flashforward. And a lesbian (why are there homos in every TV show now? They can't be that common...) sees herself getting a sonogram. Compelling stuff.


At the end of episode 1, Janis (one of the investigators) shows Demetri (John Cho), a security camera video of a stadium in Detroit, where a faceless man in black walks among the crumpled vulnerable bodies of everyone who has blacked out, as if taunting the viewers in front of the screen. DUN DUN DUN.


So far, I like the cast. I like it loads better when I don't recognize the actors/actresses, except for Joseph Fiennes (the psycho he plays in Killing Me Softly is burned into my mind), John Cho (lotsa luv for this guy) and Jack Davenport (you smoldering Englishman, you). The effects aren't bad, they usually go OTT for the pilot episode, but I hope the quality doesn't deteriorate much from here onwards.

No idea when it'll reach Malaysian shores where we'll probably get to see a considerably censored and filtered version by our much-loved Malaysian Censorship Board. Singapore has already aired it! But I get why it's slow to get through, they probably have a slight issue with the ahem, homosexuality.

I'd much rather watch it online, thanks.

Photo credit: Pictures grabbed from everywhere

Friday, January 08, 2010

Church Set on Fire in KL

I have never been more disappointed in a group of people than I have been today. (Can I really say that truthfully?) We actually had to turn back from going to church today because my friend received a frantic call from her father about a church in Desa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur being set on fire last night. What if someone had died?!

Major Malaysian online newspapers (The Star, NST) have so far ignored this incident at the time of this post. International news websites (this one and this one) have however published the story a few hours after the incident. Aside from that, the Herald (a Christian news circulation) website has been hacked at least 3 times and so has the Malaysian Judiciary website. For shame. And the Arabs are laughing at us.

A part of me hates reading newspapers lately because they bear nothing but sad news. I usually let things like this float by. No worries. But today, I'll let myself be sad. Just this once.

But what can we do? Forgive and pray for these arsonists.

Update: THEY ATTACKED A CATHOLIC CHURCH IN PJ. DISGUSTING. 1Malaysia, my tush. Oh and The Star and NST have finally 'noticed'. Meanwhile, a third Protestant Church suffered a similar attack in PJ. I don't even want to keep count anymore.

Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." Luke 23:34

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Mummy & Daddy!


22 years already? The years just flew by. Just the sheer number of years my parents have been together is just plain AMAZING. *respect*
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, dearest Mum and Dad!!! Miss you lots! &hearts
*hugs from Terengganu* =)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

[KPOP] Jae Beom: Hot Issue

I am confused. Very very confused. Thanks to JYP's ingenious machinations and a 'scandal' that got blown waay out of proportion. Whatever JYP is, dancing gorilla, genius talent-scout or producer, you can add to his long list of talents: one hell of a media manipulator.

Aww, I didn't mean it...

The controversy caused 2PM's popularity to skyrocket within a few months, their song 'Again and Again' shot up the charts (with renewed vigour) as countries were conducting flash mobs to reinstate Jae Beom back in 2PM. No such thing as bad publicity.

Another wave of popularity ensues caused by one of their songs, 'You Might Come Back', which had fans pining for his return. Then 2PM unearthed their new album with a depressing and artistic look ala The Joker/Italian mafia/mime, performing their dramatic song 'Heartbeat'. Yes, their hearts pump for Jae Bum. Gothic make-up complete with epileptic death sequences, the whole she-bang.

Listen to my heart beat...

Next, we have them performing their next single of their album, 'Tired of Waiting'. Are they moving on (as suggested by the title?)? A question that manages to conveniently appear in our minds. I'm feeling so manipulated now (I like 2PM a LOT but...). Then Allkpop posted an article today which managed to miraculously disappear, about Jae Beom announcing his permanent departure from the group. Maybe the information was iffy. Adds more to my confusion.@_@

Does he have 'No Love, No More' for Jae Beom?

What is our grand finale? Does the possible next single, 'I (Was) Crazy For You', carry any foreshadowing of bad news? Only JYP knows for sure. In the meantime, I still have Woo Young, Taec Yeon and Chan Sung to drool over as well as the boys of 2AM! ^^
*end of rant*

I should totally focus on the more important things in life. HAHA. *continues watching her costume dramas*

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I'm Waiting For...

Comic Con promo poster

Season 3. Premiering January 10. Must watch!!! *skips for joy*

Anna Wu won't be reappearing though due to budget constraints (omfg why didn't they just kick out Jeff while they're at it?) Season 3 guest stars: Vinnie Jones (Mean Machine!), Armand Assante (Judge Dredd's resident badass), Kristin Kreuk and Brandon (Superman) Routh to name a few...


Zachary Levi!!! :)

Wiping the Slate Clean

Three days into the new year already!!
Hope you all welcomed 2010 with flourish!

Celebrated New Year's Eve at KFC Batu Buruk with Shu, Dex and Jack, lol, so random but amusing nonetheless. Then went over to Meredith and gang's house the next day for their New Year party and it was okay. Thank you, Edith, for the invite!! =D Totally stuffed my face there, loved Eugenie's pasta and there was so much food leftover, so Freddy, me and two other girls finished off the BBQ chicken. Yum! (And this is partly why I gained 3 kg during Christmas and New Year... *sweatdrop*) I'll probably lose it all due to lab-related stress this week...

Aren't these the most adorable pack of cousins ever??!

Midway watching the Tenant of Wildfell Hall, the show managed to kill my interest for any other English BBC drama. Really, the actors (& actresses) there grated on my nerves. I suspect North and South was a one-off thing, a rare jewel among all the worthless rubble. Though I did enjoy Persuasion's eye candy in the form of Rupert Penry-Jones! But that one was slightly annoying too. Putting all that behind me now.

A new year spells new crazes in all sorts of forms. So many possibilities and ideas to entertain!!! Can't hardly wait! 2010, pleeeease be a good year!!!

Something I noticed among the craziness that was South Korea's end-of-year Gayo Daejun Festival...

My wish has come true. 2PM has finally performed what I think is their best song on their album!!! I expect their next single after this will be Crazy Over You... Enjoy (if you haven't already!) Imma fan over Woo Young, Taec and Chan Sung now... &hearts _ &hearts