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Of Fish as Pets

January's almost over! And so ends a chapter in my life this year... Will February bring more focus? I sure hope so... I've been dithering far too long on my thesis. I've got to get it over and done with before my sister Sara comes along to Terengganu for the CNY hols (CNY tix are crazy expensive when they aren't booked early). :-( I'd love to go to KL though. My auntie Libby and cousins (Kimmy & Jon) from Australia are there currently but I have classes. So much for shopping next month...

I had another Saturday of teaching 8 year-old kids to read English books for the Golden Key Society's English Reading Program. Such cute kids! I don't think I could ever teach for a living (as pleasant as it sounds), but once in a while is okay... XD

Say Cheese!
After the program, we went downtown with Eva on our usual jaunts and Eva came back with a load of first-time aquarist materials and seven teeny Tetras. (Shu and I are graduating in September. How time flies. Plan…

Zach Levi in Less Than Perfect

First season cast of Less Than Perfect
Genre: Comedy, Office, Sitcom
Seasons: 4
Original Run: 2002-2006

Hahahahaha... Who knew?! Zachary Levi was in ABC's sitcom Less Than Perfect starring Sara Rue, Andy Dick, Andrea Roberts (Miss Parker from the Pretender) and Eric Roberts, among others. A few episodes were up on Youtube and I watched a few. It's funny how I never found the show funny in my high school years but my dad did, to my disgust then. (I don't think my mum watches sitcoms much...)

Zachary Levi as preppy Kipp Steadman
Zach's the snooty Kipp Steadman here, who antagonizes Claude (Sara Rue), a country-girl office worker. Imagine a preppy and less lovable Chuck (or that annoyingly perfect co-worker) and you have Kipp Steadman. His boss constantly refers to him as Secretary and Kipp is a little obsessive-compulsive, rats out on people and is just hilarious with his exchanges with the gorgeous Andrea Parker, who's just as snooty as he is, as well as ambitious and ma…

Rent (2005) - A Fan Video

I was bored. Like really really bored. And I've never tried uploading videos on Blogger because I figured I'd never have to. But since Warner blocked my little fanvideo, I'm uploading it here instead. (You drove me to this, Youtube. I shake my fist at you!) Ever since Google bought over Youtube, the copyright laws have been stricter. (So cruel! I never had any problems with my kdrama fanvids...<--lameduck)

Music Information
Artist: Adam Pascal (of the fictional rock band, No Vacancy)
Song: Heal Me, I'm Heartsick (School of Rock OST)

Various online sources (okay, okay, Wikipedia) tells me that Rent is a 2005 American film adaptation of the hugely popular Broadway musical, which was based on Jonathan Larson’s Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning musical. The movie itself depicts the lives of several Bohemians (Bohemia is a laid-back and free philosophy) and their struggles with homosexuality (lesbians AND gays, I almost died), cross-dressing, drugs, life under the shadow of AI…

Old School Jdoramas

Well, not that old school. I mean, more like in the 90s circa and when I was in high school. When girls were less plastic, Shun Oguri was an awkward teenager and Takuya Kimura was hot stuff (my mum disagrees)! Not that he isn't still, he's the king of all Jdoramas, but he was hotter back then IMO...

KimuTaku in all his pride and glory (pun intended)
Pride (2004) is a hockey drama starring Takura Kimura as Halu and Takeuchi Yuko as Aki, a typical office lady. I can't remember the details of the plot, except that the leads got together in the end and I LOVED this drama when it aired during high school (no idea why). Anyway, in an attempt to refresh my flagging memory and alleviate my boredom, I'm deliberating whether to buy either Pride or Densha Otoko (the jdorama version, not the Yamada Takayuki movie).

Are you sure you're the same guy in Crows Zero?
I'm waaay too lazy to stream them online and the current winter Jdorama selection bore me. Bloody Monday 2? Liar Ga…

First Time in Setiu for WWF

Hola, peeps! This might sound lame but I've never chanced to stop at Setiu before, just passed by on the way to Kelantan... I've never talked to so many fishermen than at Setiu last weekend! Truly enlightening experience. :) We were all over the place, from Kg Mangkok (lol!), Gong Batu, Kuala Baru, practically all over Setiu (partly on foot). Like all I ever wanted to know about Setiu and more. I was one of the WWF volunteers and we had to interview fishermen at all the Setiu River fishing areas. Seriously funny, I tell you. It was for WWF's study of the common fishing methods and terrapin bycatch survey (nothing to do with UMT - some people may get confused about this).

Anyway, I only expected to know only Nel, Qis and Shu there so it was a bit of a surprise to see my two adorable fishery juniors: Acap and Syed! At first, I was like, oh no, these were the friends Nel said he was bringing? But they were really nice and eager to learn. (I learned a lot too. Fishing methods f…

Funniest Malaysian Names!

I laughed out loud for 10 straight minutes reading this old post at Mr. Badak's website! If you must know, I was searching for the meaning of mulau (crazy in Kadazan) because I wasn't quite sure of the meaning (I'm a poor excuse for a Kadazan), and I stumbled across this. It's not even the post itself (about an unfortunate man named Mulau bin Burit) that was the absolute funniest, it was the commenters! Teachers and government workers come across the funniest names...

Imagine being named...
Alias bin Mati
Injin A/L Bot (changed his name already...)
Penus (Oh dear.)
Labiah binti Kondong
Ignor Ingor
Blueberi anak Dewberi (This made me laugh the hardest!)
Gary Forceps (Waa, future scientist)
Bau Taie
Padang bin Ragut - Keningau/cattle owner
Putih Kusambut Hitam Kulambung - Lahad Datu
Tulis bin Pen - policeman
Duit bin Ringgit - policeman
Jambangan Bunga bte Setangkai
Mat Tonton bin Gusuk - mini bus driver
Jumau anak Harimau - Sarawak
Lopung bin Tangkalamai - Tambunan
Morris anak M…

January Quickie

It's that time of the month again! (Wait, not that kind.) The time where I can't be bothered to name my posts because they are chock-full of scattered ramblings and thoughts that are neither deep nor meaningful. Which kind of reminds me of a phone conversation I had with my sister recently...

Vadee: So what are you doing now?
Me: Watching my period dramas... (I was watching Sense & Sensibility)
Vadee: Why do you like watching period dramas so much?
Dad: *muttering in the background* Oh, I get it, she's having her monthlies again.
Vadee: HAHAHHAHAHAHHA! She means old costume dramas!
Me: *dies*

And that is why I refer to them simply as costume dramas now.

On to other news, I have finished my lab work for my final year project! Yippee! ^^ This means I can start writing my thesis now and not spend hours at the lab... This semester's kind of laid-back for me since I'm only taking 3 subjects this semester...&hearts (But all of them equally tough...) *nods head*

TV talk:


Something Cute to Sicken Yourself Over

I normally do not post things like this. I have long believed that my cold stony heart (HAHA) will not fall prey to something this juvenile. But IT IS vaguely heart-warming, which is something I would usually associate with mad poofballs of fur: e.g. puppies or kittens!! My friends call me an animal pedophile. Cute what, okay?!!

Sometimes a smile can go a long way... =)


(Argh, there I posted it. Though I had to mull over it several times because it looks too cute for my dark-ish blog...)

Flashforward (ABC TV Series)

I am such a TV freak. I don't know how I'm going to keep up watching all my TV shows once they start this month. In January alone, I have Chuck (Jan 10) and Vampire Diaries (Jan 21) starting again. Gossip Girl starts again on March 8 and Glee on April 13. Anyway, I've just started another new series (bwahahaha!), and it's called...

My main reason for watching it is Jack Davenport, but hey, there are a lot of other reasons to be watching it too! I've always loved sci-fi in my TV shows, my most favourite is Steven Spielberg's Taken (2002) - the best crack ever!!!, Children of Dune (2003) - James McAvoy!, The 4400 (which was discontinued after 1 season... Why?!) and Lost (which I adored greatly, for all of one season, the story just got too convoluted from then on). Please Flashforward, learn from Lost.

Anyway, I've only watched the first episode, there are only 10 out so far (Yesss! I can keep up with it!) but I AM HOOKED. The beginning plays out like the begin…

Church Set on Fire in KL

I have never been more disappointed in a group of people than I have been today. (Can I really say that truthfully?) We actually had to turn back from going to church today because my friend received a frantic call from her father about a church in Desa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur being set on fire last night. What if someone had died?!

Major Malaysian online newspapers (The Star, NST) have so far ignored this incident at the time of this post. International news websites (this one and this one) have however published the story a few hours after the incident. Aside from that, the Herald (a Christian news circulation) website has been hacked at least 3 times and so has the Malaysian Judiciary website. For shame. And the Arabs are laughing at us.

A part of me hates reading newspapers lately because they bear nothing but sad news. I usually let things like this float by. No worries. But today, I'll let myself be sad. Just this once.

But what can we do? Forgive and pray for these arsonists.


Happy Anniversary, Mummy & Daddy!

22 years already? The years just flew by. Just the sheer number of years my parents have been together is just plain AMAZING. *respect*
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, dearest Mum and Dad!!! Miss you lots! &hearts
*hugs from Terengganu* =)

[KPOP] Jae Beom: Hot Issue

I am confused. Very very confused. Thanks to JYP's ingenious machinations and a 'scandal' that got blown waay out of proportion. Whatever JYP is, dancing gorilla, genius talent-scout or producer, you can add to his long list of talents: one hell of a media manipulator.

Aww, I didn't mean it...
The controversy caused 2PM's popularity to skyrocket within a few months, their song 'Again and Again' shot up the charts (with renewed vigour) as countries were conducting flash mobs to reinstate Jae Beom back in 2PM. No such thing as bad publicity.

Another wave of popularity ensues caused by one of their songs, 'You Might Come Back', which had fans pining for his return. Then 2PM unearthed their new album with a depressing and artistic look ala The Joker/Italian mafia/mime, performing their dramatic song 'Heartbeat'. Yes, their hearts pump for Jae Bum. Gothic make-up complete with epileptic death sequences, the whole she-bang.

Listen to my heart b…

I'm Waiting For...

Comic Con promo poster
Season 3. Premiering January 10. Must watch!!! *skips for joy*

Anna Wu won't be reappearing though due to budget constraints (omfg why didn't they just kick out Jeff while they're at it?) Season 3 guest stars: Vinnie Jones (Mean Machine!), Armand Assante (Judge Dredd's resident badass), Kristin Kreuk and Brandon (Superman) Routh to name a few...

Zachary Levi!!! :)

Wiping the Slate Clean

Three days into the new year already!!
Hope you all welcomed 2010 with flourish!

Celebrated New Year's Eve at KFC Batu Buruk with Shu, Dex and Jack, lol, so random but amusing nonetheless. Then went over to Meredith and gang's house the next day for their New Year party and it was okay. Thank you, Edith, for the invite!! =D Totally stuffed my face there, loved Eugenie's pasta and there was so much food leftover, so Freddy, me and two other girls finished off the BBQ chicken. Yum! (And this is partly why I gained 3 kg during Christmas and New Year... *sweatdrop*) I'll probably lose it all due to lab-related stress this week...

Aren't these the most adorable pack of cousins ever??!
Midway watching the Tenant of Wildfell Hall, the show managed to kill my interest for any other English BBC drama. Really, the actors (& actresses) there grated on my nerves. I suspect North and South was a one-off thing, a rare jewel among all the worthless rubble. Though I did enjoy P…