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Flashforward (ABC TV Series)

I am such a TV freak. I don't know how I'm going to keep up watching all my TV shows once they start this month. In January alone, I have Chuck (Jan 10) and Vampire Diaries (Jan 21) starting again. Gossip Girl starts again on March 8 and Glee on April 13. Anyway, I've just started another new series (bwahahaha!), and it's called...

My main reason for watching it is Jack Davenport, but hey, there are a lot of other reasons to be watching it too! I've always loved sci-fi in my TV shows, my most favourite is Steven Spielberg's Taken (2002) - the best crack ever!!!, Children of Dune (2003) - James McAvoy!, The 4400 (which was discontinued after 1 season... Why?!) and Lost (which I adored greatly, for all of one season, the story just got too convoluted from then on). Please Flashforward, learn from Lost.

Anyway, I've only watched the first episode, there are only 10 out so far (Yesss! I can keep up with it!) but I AM HOOKED. The beginning plays out like the beginning of Lost or the middle of the movie 2012: UTTER DESTRUCTION. Everybody is picking themselves off the floor, cars are overturned, planes have crashed, people are walking around aimlessly because the whole world has blacked out for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Countless people have died in the awakening chaos.

That's not even the weirdest part. Each one of people who have blacked out, excluding John Cho's character (Oh yes, JOHN CHO! Harollddd!!!), have glimpsed what looks to be their future, six months from now. I suppose the next few episodes will be about how they piece things together. Some of the visions are good, some make people wish they'd never happened: Joseph Fiennes' investigator character has started drinking again, his wife has seen herself being unfaithful, a father saw his dead daughter alive, a man about to commit suicide renews his faith in life and John Cho fears he will be dead as he experiences no flashforward. And a lesbian (why are there homos in every TV show now? They can't be that common...) sees herself getting a sonogram. Compelling stuff.


At the end of episode 1, Janis (one of the investigators) shows Demetri (John Cho), a security camera video of a stadium in Detroit, where a faceless man in black walks among the crumpled vulnerable bodies of everyone who has blacked out, as if taunting the viewers in front of the screen. DUN DUN DUN.


So far, I like the cast. I like it loads better when I don't recognize the actors/actresses, except for Joseph Fiennes (the psycho he plays in Killing Me Softly is burned into my mind), John Cho (lotsa luv for this guy) and Jack Davenport (you smoldering Englishman, you). The effects aren't bad, they usually go OTT for the pilot episode, but I hope the quality doesn't deteriorate much from here onwards.

No idea when it'll reach Malaysian shores where we'll probably get to see a considerably censored and filtered version by our much-loved Malaysian Censorship Board. Singapore has already aired it! But I get why it's slow to get through, they probably have a slight issue with the ahem, homosexuality.

I'd much rather watch it online, thanks.

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