Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funniest Malaysian Names!

I laughed out loud for 10 straight minutes reading this old post at Mr. Badak's website! If you must know, I was searching for the meaning of mulau (crazy in Kadazan) because I wasn't quite sure of the meaning (I'm a poor excuse for a Kadazan), and I stumbled across this. It's not even the post itself (about an unfortunate man named Mulau bin Burit) that was the absolute funniest, it was the commenters! Teachers and government workers come across the funniest names...

Imagine being named...
Alias bin Mati
Injin A/L Bot (changed his name already...)
Penus (Oh dear.)
Labiah binti Kondong
Ignor Ingor
Blueberi anak Dewberi (This made me laugh the hardest!)
Gary Forceps (Waa, future scientist)
Bau Taie
Padang bin Ragut - Keningau/cattle owner
Putih Kusambut Hitam Kulambung - Lahad Datu
Tulis bin Pen - policeman
Duit bin Ringgit - policeman
Jambangan Bunga bte Setangkai
Mat Tonton bin Gusuk - mini bus driver
Jumau anak Harimau - Sarawak
Lopung bin Tangkalamai - Tambunan
Morris anak Monyet
Louie Ak Sapi (Sapi means cow in Kadazan)
Nurkaya bt. Misken (someone suggested she name her son Abdul Bajet)
Goodfornothing (You poor, poor boy. Blame your parents.)
Selamat Juga (what a relief for the mother)
Gundah Gulana
Hero Sitagap
Lucifer anak Dosa (babies are born innocent!)
Undur bin Gostan (from Ranau - XD)
Batman bin Suparman (hahahhahahah!)

Plus, I'm pretty sure there's a guy my age named Kinabalu who has a brother named Kinabatangan in Sabah. Their parents are true Sabahans. =)

Some of these names are pretty hard to believe and please keep in mind that I cannot verify its authenticity. But usually people are allowed to change their names if they are too outlandish. I feel bad already for laughing at these names but PEOPLE, THERE IS A LESSON TO BE LEARNT FROM ALL OF THIS. For me, no matter how tempting it is to name someone after a berry, I'd give anyone permission to knock some sense into me. ;-P

Via Mr Badak and his awesome commenters.

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