Wednesday, January 06, 2010

[KPOP] Jae Beom: Hot Issue

I am confused. Very very confused. Thanks to JYP's ingenious machinations and a 'scandal' that got blown waay out of proportion. Whatever JYP is, dancing gorilla, genius talent-scout or producer, you can add to his long list of talents: one hell of a media manipulator.

Aww, I didn't mean it...

The controversy caused 2PM's popularity to skyrocket within a few months, their song 'Again and Again' shot up the charts (with renewed vigour) as countries were conducting flash mobs to reinstate Jae Beom back in 2PM. No such thing as bad publicity.

Another wave of popularity ensues caused by one of their songs, 'You Might Come Back', which had fans pining for his return. Then 2PM unearthed their new album with a depressing and artistic look ala The Joker/Italian mafia/mime, performing their dramatic song 'Heartbeat'. Yes, their hearts pump for Jae Bum. Gothic make-up complete with epileptic death sequences, the whole she-bang.

Listen to my heart beat...

Next, we have them performing their next single of their album, 'Tired of Waiting'. Are they moving on (as suggested by the title?)? A question that manages to conveniently appear in our minds. I'm feeling so manipulated now (I like 2PM a LOT but...). Then Allkpop posted an article today which managed to miraculously disappear, about Jae Beom announcing his permanent departure from the group. Maybe the information was iffy. Adds more to my confusion.@_@

Does he have 'No Love, No More' for Jae Beom?

What is our grand finale? Does the possible next single, 'I (Was) Crazy For You', carry any foreshadowing of bad news? Only JYP knows for sure. In the meantime, I still have Woo Young, Taec Yeon and Chan Sung to drool over as well as the boys of 2AM! ^^
*end of rant*

I should totally focus on the more important things in life. HAHA. *continues watching her costume dramas*

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