Sunday, January 31, 2010

Of Fish as Pets

January's almost over! And so ends a chapter in my life this year... Will February bring more focus? I sure hope so... I've been dithering far too long on my thesis. I've got to get it over and done with before my sister Sara comes along to Terengganu for the CNY hols (CNY tix are crazy expensive when they aren't booked early). :-( I'd love to go to KL though. My auntie Libby and cousins (Kimmy & Jon) from Australia are there currently but I have classes. So much for shopping next month...

I had another Saturday of teaching 8 year-old kids to read English books for the Golden Key Society's English Reading Program. Such cute kids! I don't think I could ever teach for a living (as pleasant as it sounds), but once in a while is okay... XD

Say Cheese!

After the program, we went downtown with Eva on our usual jaunts and Eva came back with a load of first-time aquarist materials and seven teeny Tetras. (Shu and I are graduating in September. How time flies. Planning a trip to Sarawak next year!) When I was at the shop, I realized how little I actually knew about ornamental fish (dang, I should have taken that Ornamental Fish Culture elective), so now I'm thinking of buying one of those tropical ornamental fish books just to read up on it. I saw cute turtles there! ^^ I've always wanted one of those.

Eva's fishies and her foxy fan..

Never really wanted fish though, they're too boring and seemingly useless. But the prices they fetch here! Small fish like Tetras are only RM1 per fish, but the Kelisa (this fish that looks like ikan karuk with long moustaches) are RM330! I know Arowanas always cost in the thousands range. There were lionfish too but I didn't see the price though how anyone could inconceivably think of rearing a pet that could potentially cause an excruciatingly painful death is beyond me. Maybe if you like to live on the edge. Ooh daredevil~.

You there. FEAR ME.

Fish as pets sound incredibly useless to me. They can't give you love, affection or feel grateful at how meticulously you take care of them (and fish need an incredible amount of care or bottoms up). They're not furry or nice to hold, cold-blooded, and are unresponsive no matter what face you pull. People buy them for decoration, Feng Shui, so people can see how prosperous they really are, or just to have any pet that won't make a mess or they just hate running around after pets, yellin' "Lucky, come baaacckkk!!!".

But hey, I think fish are nice and all and who knows, I just might get some in the future. I saw one dopey-looking fish swimming backwards at the same shop... I liked that one! I'd put it in a fishbowl and laugh at it all day! XD

P/S: I really like this song by a Korean singer, Dia called Another Boy. I think she's super talented vocally. I strongly urge you to have a listen... Enjoy!


Air said...

Ornamental fish need good care or else you'll end up like me..all dead fish..hehehe

varms said...

Liyana, you rear fish? For your FYP ka?