Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old School Jdoramas

Well, not that old school. I mean, more like in the 90s circa and when I was in high school. When girls were less plastic, Shun Oguri was an awkward teenager and Takuya Kimura was hot stuff (my mum disagrees)! Not that he isn't still, he's the king of all Jdoramas, but he was hotter back then IMO...

KimuTaku in all his pride and glory (pun intended)

Pride (2004) is a hockey drama starring Takura Kimura as Halu and Takeuchi Yuko as Aki, a typical office lady. I can't remember the details of the plot, except that the leads got together in the end and I LOVED this drama when it aired during high school (no idea why). Anyway, in an attempt to refresh my flagging memory and alleviate my boredom, I'm deliberating whether to buy either Pride or Densha Otoko (the jdorama version, not the Yamada Takayuki movie).

Are you sure you're the same guy in Crows Zero?

I'm waaay too lazy to stream them online and the current winter Jdorama selection bore me. Bloody Monday 2? Liar Game 2? Heaven forbid, Code Blue 2? I can't stomach any of these. Yamapi did not work for me in Buzzer Beat OR Code Blue. And I only realized last year during my Proposal Daisakusen craze, that he was in Lunch no Joou, an old favourite of mine about 3 brothers (Tsumabuki Satoshi! *drool*) who work together in a restaurant (cute guys + cafe/restaurant = WIN, just look at Antique bakery) and a girl who loves lunch (Takeuchi Yuko). Which brings me to the subject of Takeuchi Yuko. Why?? This ageless actress is currently acting in my current favourite American TV series, Flashforward! =D

You don't believe I'm 30?

Last year, I think I only finished Maou, Seigi no Mikata (cute!), Ryusei no Kizuna, Gokusen, Atashinchi no Danshi and Mei-chan no Shitsuji (crap). I'm such a drama freak (as if Korean dramas aren't enough). That's not counting the ones I couldn't bear to watch for more than 2 or 3 episodes.

Moving on to the point (I digress), so what shall it be? Pride or Densha Otoko?

PICK ME. Shun Oguri and Horikita Maki are in this!!

My decision will be based on DVD availability.

Taa for now! ^_^

P/S: *bangs head on table* Whatever happened to my New Year's resolution to cut down on dramas? Oh well, a girl's gotta have her fix.

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