Sunday, January 10, 2010

Something Cute to Sicken Yourself Over

I normally do not post things like this. I have long believed that my cold stony heart (HAHA) will not fall prey to something this juvenile. But IT IS vaguely heart-warming, which is something I would usually associate with mad poofballs of fur: e.g. puppies or kittens!! My friends call me an animal pedophile. Cute what, okay?!!

Sometimes a smile can go a long way... =)


(Argh, there I posted it. Though I had to mull over it several times because it looks too cute for my dark-ish blog...)


silveraven said...

"Even if uncouth low-lifes do throw sand at your house."

they DID??? :O

varms said...

no la... at my catholic junior's hse... kesian they all...