Sunday, January 03, 2010

Wiping the Slate Clean

Three days into the new year already!!
Hope you all welcomed 2010 with flourish!

Celebrated New Year's Eve at KFC Batu Buruk with Shu, Dex and Jack, lol, so random but amusing nonetheless. Then went over to Meredith and gang's house the next day for their New Year party and it was okay. Thank you, Edith, for the invite!! =D Totally stuffed my face there, loved Eugenie's pasta and there was so much food leftover, so Freddy, me and two other girls finished off the BBQ chicken. Yum! (And this is partly why I gained 3 kg during Christmas and New Year... *sweatdrop*) I'll probably lose it all due to lab-related stress this week...

Aren't these the most adorable pack of cousins ever??!

Midway watching the Tenant of Wildfell Hall, the show managed to kill my interest for any other English BBC drama. Really, the actors (& actresses) there grated on my nerves. I suspect North and South was a one-off thing, a rare jewel among all the worthless rubble. Though I did enjoy Persuasion's eye candy in the form of Rupert Penry-Jones! But that one was slightly annoying too. Putting all that behind me now.

A new year spells new crazes in all sorts of forms. So many possibilities and ideas to entertain!!! Can't hardly wait! 2010, pleeeease be a good year!!!

Something I noticed among the craziness that was South Korea's end-of-year Gayo Daejun Festival...

My wish has come true. 2PM has finally performed what I think is their best song on their album!!! I expect their next single after this will be Crazy Over You... Enjoy (if you haven't already!) Imma fan over Woo Young, Taec and Chan Sung now... &hearts _ &hearts

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